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bag filtration

  • YM Multi-bag Bag Filter Housing

    Contact NowYM Multi-bag Bag Filter HousingRocker multi pocket type filter housing YM series Rocker multi pocket type filter housingYM series is designed for high capacity pollution or large flow filtration requirements. Multi pocket design for conventional 2-23 bags. Single machine can be up to 32 bags. Quick opening design and with top...Read More

  • VM Fast Open Multi-bag Filter Housing

    Contact NowVM Fast Open Multi-bag Filter HousingQuick opening multiple bag type filter housing - VM series VM series quick opening multiple bag type filter housing, to focus on efficiency and safety and durability of users design, mainly used in more impurities, filter elements need to be replaced frequently and continuous production and fast...Read More

  • BM Multi-bag Filter Housing

    Contact NowBM Multi-bag Filter Housingmussels open type multiple bag filter housing- BM series BM series mussels open type multiple bag filter housing is developed on the basis of fast open type bag filter housing, suitable for processing all kinds of acid and alkali liquid, solvent and all kinds of neutral liquid. BM series mussels...Read More