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industrial oil filter

  • High Temperature Panel Filter

    Contact NowHigh Temperature Panel FilterClassic Fashion Pleated HEPA Box Filter,Class E11 to H14 Application: As final filter for industrial clean room, the part where higher wind speed is needed Specification Type: TRigid pleated box filter Media: Glass fiber paper Frame: Galvanized steel/Stainless steel Separator: Aluminum...Read More

  • Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filter

    Contact NowSandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filterSandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-Filter,Class G4 Application: As a pre filter in air ventilation system under the sand and dust weather Specification Type: High performance disposable pleated panel filter. Media: Synthetic fibre. Frame:Rigid water resistant cardboard. Recommended final...Read More

  • Oil Mist Filter

    Contact NowOil Mist FilterSpecification Type: Oil mist、paint mist liquid pollutants filter Media:Glass fibre. Frame: Galvanized steel/Aluminum. Recommended final pressure drop:150Pa. Temperature: 150ºC maximum in continuous service.Application: For oil mist filtration in ventilation system and exhaust system,such as the...Read More

  • Classic Fashion High Temperature Filter

    Contact NowClassic Fashion High Temperature FilterApplication: Protection of ultra-clean processes at high- temperatures,such as spraying oven, sterilization tunnel Advantages Specification Type: Filters for high temperature. Media: Glass fibre paper. Frame: Galvanised steel/Stainless steel. Separator: Aluminum foil. Gasket: High temperature...Read More

  • PM2.5 Air Filter

    Contact NowPM2.5 Air FilterSynthetic Fiber Pockets Filter,PM2.5 air filter Application: The main filter of ventilation system Advantages Multi layer composite melt-blown materials for PM2.5 Material is 40% deeper than normal product "V" shaped filter bag,filter material is utilized 100% totally All edges have...Read More