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SFFILTECH filter bag supplier produces and supply Polyester filter bag, Nomex filter bag, Fiberglass filter bag, PP filter bag, Acrylic filter bag, P84 filter bag, PPS filter bag, PTFE filter bag, FMS filter bag, Basalt filter bag, Pleated filter bag, Envelope filter bag, Reverse filter bag, Pulse filter bag and so on.Liquid Filtration Bags, Filter Cage.

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Pre-Sales Service

1. 24hours Inquiry And Consulting Support

2. Sample Support

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4. After-Sales Service

5. One Or Five Year Warranty                         

6. Free Replacement Of New Filter Bag                         

7. Free Online Consultation                         

8. Onsite Guidance On Installation

9. Support For Sample Delivery Laboratory

Custom Service
When you need to replace an old filter bag ——
If you have the filter bag already in hand, then just take some picture for us first, which includes the dimensions, shape, special requirements. Then we can get knowledge more than 80% if we can make.

If you can send us the samples, then we can analyses the sample bag material and treatment.

We can make one sample for you to try your bag house within a few days.
When you want to establish a new filtering system and need some advice ——
We will send you one investigation file for you to fill, all about your bag house condition, like temperature, chemical content and others. After you fill it back to us, we will suggest you one kind filter bag to try.

Our engineer can arrange one online with your engineer or plant investigation for you.

We can make one sample for you to check and test.
Why Choose us

Shanghai Sffiltech Co., Ltd. is one of the leading & professional companies on the dust filtration & separation products in China. Now, Sffiltech Has Offices In Shanghai China, USA. Our Company Has More Than 50 Employees In China Based On The Prospective Of Collaboration, Mutual Sharing, Rewarding Experience, Sincerity And Respect.

 Technology leadership:
SFFILTECH has a leading edge in filtration technology, with advanced research and development and production capabilities, with 22+ Patented Technology. Is a Professional Filter Bag Factory, capable of providing efficient and reliable filtration solutions.

Product quality:
The company is a company with an ISO quality management system and is known for its high quality filtration products, which may undergo rigorous quality control and testing to meet customer requirements for filtration performance and durability.

Customized solutions:
SFFILTECH is able to provide customized filtration solutions according to the specific needs of customers, including design, manufacturing and installation to meet the needs of different industries and applications.

Service support:
The company provides comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service support, including technical advice, installation guidance, maintenance and maintenance, etc., to ensure that customers get timely help and support throughout the cooperation process.

Cost effective:
SFFILTECH is able to offer competitive prices while maintaining product quality and performance, enabling customers to obtain the most cost-effective filtration solution.

Reliability and stability:
We have been established for 16 years since 2006, and customers choose SFFILTECH as a partner because the company has shown reliability and stability in long-term cooperation, can deliver products on time and maintain a good relationship.

The company is innovative in the field of filtration, constantly introducing new products and technologies to meet the changing needs of customers, and working with customers to meet challenges.  
Factory environment
Sffiltech Has Around 100,000 Sq Ft Factory Production Area. We Are Building A New Plant With More Than 210,000 Sq Ft. Which Would Be Able To Start The Production In A Few Years’ Time. We Are Growing and Expanding Our Business on Daily Bases.
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