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Professional filter housing manufacturers include automatic filter housing, candle filter housing, single bag /multi-bag filter housing, filter cartridge filter housing, capsule filter housing, quick-opening filter housing, hand filter housing, top filter housing, side filter housing, 316SS filter housing, 306SS filter housing, carbon steel filter housing, etc.
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Custom Service

Data analysis - medium parameters, working conditions, pressure

Optimization design - Product design, performance optimization.

Custom production - selected raw materials, carefully manufactured.

Assembly commissioning - product installation, system commissioning.
Why Choose us

SFFILTTECH has been pursuing the spirit of filtration for more than ten years, we are willing to innovate, devote ourselves to the filtration technology of various fluids, especially the research on the discharge of slag on the basis of automatic discharge, and finally won market recognition.

We have more than 20 national patents and a number of inventions. Corporate philosophy: To provide customers with stable and reliable filtration solutions to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

       SFFILTECH has a wide range of fully automatic self-cleaning filter models up to 45.
      SFFILTECH strictly implements ISO 9000 as the basis, continuous improvement, 22 solid-liquid separation patents.
       SFFILTECH pursues the ultimate spirit of ingenuity and has rich experience in filter manufacturing to provide users with reliable, stable and efficient filter products.

       SFFILTECH provides meticulous workflow and thoughtful after-sales service.
Factory environment
Sffiltech Has Around 100,000 Sq Ft Factory Production Area. We Are Building A New Plant With More Than 210,000 Sq Ft. Which Would Be Able To Start The Production In A Few Years’ Time. We Are Growing and Expanding Our Business on Daily Bases.
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