SFFILTECH is a brand supplier in dust collector bag house filtration, liquid bag filter filtration, and HVAC filtration systems.

Good reasons for working with us

The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.

There are no special requirements. Don't worry, for custom factories, we will produce high-quality works as free samples for customers to reference.
Create unique filter bags for your project using your own custom products. Made on fabrics with dozens of different characteristics, structures, and uses, with no minimum requirements and can be completed within 3-5 days.
To facilitate storage and transportation for foreign customers, the quantity, packaging method, packaging material, packaging information, and appearance of the packaged products can be customized according to your needs.
For some projects that are difficult to guide online, we will send engineers overseas to the customer's site to guide installation.
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Custom Process
When you need to replace an old filter bag ——
If you have the filter bag already in hand, then just take some picture for us first, which includes the dimensions, shape, special requirements. Then we can get knowledge more than 80% if we can make.

If you can send us the samples, then we can analyses the sample bag material and treatment.

We can make one sample for you to try your bag house within a few days.
When you want to establish a new filtering system and need some advice 
We will send you one investigation file for you to fill, all about your bag house condition, like temperature, chemical content and others. After you fill it back to us, we will suggest you one kind filter bag to try.

Our engineer can arrange one online with your engineer or plant investigation for you.

We can make one sample for you to check and test.
After samples confirmed, the production flow as bellow ——
Raw material testing → cutting fabric → fully automatic sewing/hot melt bag body → making bag head → making bag bottom → sewing bag body, bag head, and bag bottom together → initial testing → comprehensive production → sampling by batch → packaging
After mass production and final testing, we will package high-quality products in plastic bags and then use cardboard boxes for packaging.
We will place the cardboard boxes on pallets and send them to the warehouse to be labeled for shipment. Of course, if you need to customize the outer packaging, we can also make it.
We will transport a small amount of goods, usually through international express delivery or air freight; if the quantity is large, it is usually transported by ship or land. If necessary, you can come to pick up the goods.
We can provide you 

Our factory was established in 2006 .We were among the first ones in the filtration business .Thereby, for dust collector filter bags our technicians have more than 16 years experiences. We know the bag house working condition very well and can offer you our honest and authentic suggestions.

We have professional technical personnel who can provide matching filtering products based on your actual working conditions.Our filtration products come in many sizes to match your filtration system. If necessary, we can customize special shapes and sizes.
Our company has over a hundred types of products, including dust collection and filtration products, liquid filtration, and air dust collection products, including small parts of these products. Our products are diverse and can be purchased in a one-stop manner.
We provide a quotation within 1-3 days and ship within 20-30 days; Our company has professional colleagues responsible for shipping and transportation, who are constantly familiar with the information of sea freight, air freight, and express delivery at various ports.
We have been providing OEM/ODM services for over 15 years. We can produce products with customer logos, different sizes, and materials, and customize packaging for customers.
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Product Process
3 Sets Needle Punched Production, 6 Sets Automatic Filter Bag Tube Sewing Line. Dozens Of Filter Bag Top And Bottom Sewing Machine, Automatic Slitting Machine, PTFE Membrane Machine, PTFE Sewing Thread Manufacturing Machine, PTFE Felt Needle Punched Line. Dust Filter Cartridge Manufacturing Machines. All Type Of Test Machines For Filter Felts To Ensure The Quality Standards.
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Does the filtering equipment supplier not have good OEM/ODM services? Contact us!
+86 020 - 2213 9352 / Amily Li
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Shanghai Sffiltech Co., Ltd. is one of the leading & professional companies on the dust filtration & separation products in China
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