SFFILTECH is a brand supplier in dust collector bag house filtration, liquid bag filter filtration, and HVAC filtration systems.

Industrial Air Filter

SFFILTECH is your trusted partner in delivering top-tier industrial air filtration products, meticulously crafted to elevate air quality across a wide spectrum of applications. Our extensive product range caters to a variety of applications:


1.  HVAC Systems: SFFILTECH's air filters are ideal for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.  They enhance indoor air quality by capturing airborne particles, such as dust, pollen, and pollutants, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment.


2.  Industrial Settings: In industrial facilities, our filters play a pivotal role in maintaining clean and safe air.  They effectively trap particulate matter, fumes, and contaminants, safeguarding the health of workers and preserving equipment integrity.


3.  Healthcare Sector: Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories rely on our air filtration solutions to maintain sterile environments.  Our HEPA filters are instrumental in eliminating pathogens and maintaining infection control.


4.  Commercial Spaces: Office buildings and commercial establishments use our filters to create a pleasant and productive atmosphere for employees and customers.  Enhanced air quality leads to improved well-being and overall satisfaction.


5.  Residential Use: SFFILTECH industrial air filter manufacturer offers air filters suitable for home HVAC systems, providing families with cleaner air, reducing allergies, and promoting better health.


Our industrial air filters are available in various grades, including HEPA and ULPA filters. SFFILTECH's HEPA filters are rigorously tested to meet the most stringent industry standards, ensuring that you receive clean and healthy air.  With customization options to suit various systems and environments, we offer the perfect solution for your air filtration needs.


Breathe easy and enjoy the benefits of clean air with SFFILTECH's HEPA air filters.  Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of air filtration solutions and discover the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

W-type high efficiency filter
W-type high-efficiency filter is called V-type filter, only a box-type high-efficiency HEPA filter, using no partition design, generally using ultra-fine moisture-proof internal fire of ultra-fine glass fiber or PP material, suitable for constant air flow and variable air flow of air conditioning system, glass fiber filter paper, strong structure, to ensure good performance in the case of turbulence. Thermoplastic spacer ensures equidistant pleats, ensures airflow passes with minimal resistance, and also ensures greater dust capacity, thus reducing energy consumption and saving operating costs.
Gel Sealant Mini-pleated HEAP and ULPA Filter
Application: As final filter for industrial clean room,such as HEPA filter housing,FFU,laminar flow workbench,air cleaning equipment, etc Advantages...
Knife Mini-pleated HEAP and ULPA Filter
Application: Become final filter when cooperate with gel slots keel or FFU Advantages 95 pleats/feet,20% higher than normal product,bring lower resistance...
Classic Fashion Pleated HEPA Box Filter
  Application: As final filter for industrial clean room, the part where higher wind speed is needed Advantages Ultra-fine glass fiber paper,ensures that...
W Type HEPA Filter
“W” Type HEPA Filter,Class E11 to H14 Specification Type: High performance "W" type filter Media: Glass fibre paper Frame: ABS/Galvanised...
Superhelen HEPA Filter
Application: For large air flow and limited space of purification system Advantages Pleat distance: 3 mm, pleat height: 30 mm,bring lower resistance and...
Mini-pleated HEPA Filter
Mini-Pleated Hepa Filter,Class E10 to U16 Application: As final filter for industrial clean room, such as HEPA filter housing, FFU,laminar flow...
Synthetic Fiber Pockets Filter Class M5 To F9
Super Synthetic Fiber Pockets Filter,Class M5 to F8 Application: The main filter of ventilation system Specification Type: Multi pockets filter Media:...
Corrosion Resistant Super Synthetic Filter F6 to F8
Application : Air conditioning applications in anti-corrosion platform,offshore. Advantages From the upstream to the downstream,the fiber density changed...
Aerodynamic Tubular Spacer Bag Filter
Aerodynamic Self-supported Filter for air filter-----Air filter,hepa filter,pre filter,carbon filter,pocket filter Aerodynamic, Tubular Pocket Spacers and...
Synthetic Fiber Pockets Filter Class PM2.5
Synthetic Fiber Pockets Filter,PM2.5 air filter Application: The main filter of ventilation system Advantages Multi layer composite melt-blown materials for...
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