SFFILTECH is a brand supplier in dust collector bag house filtration, liquid bag filter filtration, and HVAC filtration systems.

Automatic Backwash Filter

SFFILTECH Fully automatic backwash filters are advanced filtration systems designed to provide efficient and hassle-free filtration solutions. These filters are widely used in various industries, including water treatment, oil and gas, chemical processing, and wastewater treatment.


One of the key advantages of SFFILTECH fully automatic backwashing filters is their ability to self-clean without the need for manual intervention. These filters are equipped with sophisticated control systems that monitor the pressure drop across the filter media and initiate the backwashing process when necessary. This automatic backwash filter system ensures continuous and uninterrupted filtration operations, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


SFFILTECH fully automatic backwashing filters are advanced filtration systems that offer efficient and reliable filtration solutions. With their self-cleaning capabilities, these filters ensure continuous operation, reduce downtime, and provide cost-effective filtration. Their ease of installation and maintenance, along with their ability to optimize water usage, make them a preferred choice in various industries.

Solid-Liquid Separation and Filtration Purification Single-Candle Filter System Sffiltech helps you achieve process optimization and filtration upgrades. Sffiltech helps you achieve process optimization and filter upgrades. Sffiltechis a technology-leading and reliable integrated supplier of filtration system equipment. It has its roots as one of the early domestic manufacturers of filtration equipment. The company was registered in 2006 with a registered capital of 18 million RMB. Over the years, the company has diligently pursued excellence and used its expertise to provide customers with safe, reliable, applicable, and high-quality equipment from a professional perspective. The company holds more than 30 patents for inventions and utility models and has a professional technical research and development team. Its products have been applied in various industries, including chemical and pharmaceuticals, pesticides, biotechnology, new energy, electrolytes, polyether, iron white, coatin
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