SFFILTECH is a brand supplier in dust collector bag house filtration, liquid bag filter filtration, and HVAC filtration systems.


SFFILTECH is a leading company in the field of air filtration, specializing in the production of high-quality and efficient air filter pre filter.  Our products are designed to provide clean and healthy air for various applications, ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for both residential and commercial spaces.


Product Classification: Our air filters can be classified into two main categories: particulate filters and gas-phase filters.  Particulate filters are designed to capture and remove solid particles such as dust, pollen, and pet dander from the air.  Gas-phase filters, on the other hand, are specifically designed to remove harmful gases and odors, providing a comprehensive solution for air purification.


Applications: Our air filters find applications in various industries and settings.  They are commonly used in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems for residential and commercial buildings, ensuring clean and fresh air circulation.  Additionally, our filters are widely used in hospitals, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and other environments where air quality is crucial for the well-being of occupants and the integrity of processes.

Synthetic Fiber Multi-pockets Pre-filter
Synthetic Fibre Multi-Pockets Pre-Filter,Class G3 to G4 Application: As a pre filter in air-condition system Advantages High efficiency and dust holding...
Pleated Pre-filter With Metal Mesh and Metal Frame
Pleated Pre-Filter with Metal Mesh and Metal Frame ,Class G3 to M6 Application: As a pre filter in air-condition system Specification: Type: Pre-filter...
Pleated Pre-filter With Media Holding Frames
Pleated Pre-Filter with Media Holding Frames ,Class G3 to M6 Application : As a pre filter in air-condition system Advantages Specificat ion: Type:...
Pleated Pre-filter With Paper Frame
Specification: Type: High performance disposable pleated panel filter Media: Mixture of cotton and synthetic fiber Frame: Rigid water resistant cardboard...
Metal Filter Nylon Mesh Filter
Metal/Nylon Mesh Filter,Class G2 Application: Metal filter for grease or oil mist separation. Pre filter for thick particles. Type: G2 Metal filter and high...
Activated Carbon Panel Filter
activated carbon panel filter----air filter, hepa filter, pre-filter, pleated filter,washable air filter, carbon filter Air filter' panel filter...
Panel Pre- Filter
Specification Type: Pre-filter Media: Polyester fiber Frame: Galvanized steel/Aluminum/ABS Recommended final pressure drop: 250Pa Temperature: 100ºC maximum...
High Efficiency Synthetic Filter Media
Synthetic fiber Rolls,Class G2 to G4 Application: As a pre-filter in air conditioning,fresh air and recycle air Advantages Specification Media: Polyester...
Glass Filter Media
Description: Media rolls are used to cut pads ranging from small filter pads used in vacuum cleaners, to large sizes used in paint booth applications to...
Dry Type Spray Filter Paper
Feature: Media:waterproof paper-based materials,per square meter paint adsorption capacity to reach 15-25KG,which is 3-5 times than other materials...
Paint Paper Filter
Paint paper filter Media: Kraft paper+5mm polyester High filter efficiency, with flame retardation, anti-static V dry filters, also known as paint filter...
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