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Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filter 1
Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filter 1

Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filter

Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-Filter,Class G4 Application: As a pre filter in air ventilation system under the sand and dust weather Specification Type: High performance disposable pleated panel filter. Media: Synthetic fibre. Frame:Rigid water resistant cardboard. Recommended final...


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    Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filter 2Sandstorm Dedicated Economical Pleated Pre-filter 3 Sandstorm Dedicated Economical  Pleated Pre-Filter,Class G4

     Application: As a pre filter in air  ventilation system under the sand and  dust weather


     Type: High performance disposable pleated  panel filter.

     Media: Synthetic fibre.

     Frame:Rigid water resistant cardboard.

                        Recommended final pressure drop: 250Pa. 

                        Temperature: 90ºC maximum in continuous                       service.


    • Very good removed effect for dust particles

    • Economy, low running cost

    • 10 pleats/feet,25% higher than normal product

    • Downstream was designed with high strength wire mesh and metal strip,increase the impact resistance ability

    Thickness   Vs Efficiency vs pressure drop
    ThicknessPressure  drop(pa)@2.5m/sOzone  removal efficiency


    Dimensions   vs Air flow
    Dimensions(W*H)Air flow(m3/h)

    Engaged in creating a clean and fresh environment for people, Sffiltech is specialized in sandstorm dedicated economical pleated pre-filter. As one of the best manufacturers and suppliers, we can assure you the best quality and stable performance of our custom products. Please rest assured to buy.

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