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Air Filter Application Fields And Types

Air Filter Air filter application field principle and type of air filter (Air Filter) refers to the air filter device, generally used for clean workshop, clean room, clean operating room, laboratory and clean room, or for electronic mechanical communication equipment dust-proof. There are five models of early effect filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter, sub-efficient and high efficiency filter. Various models have different standards and performance


  Air Filter From the gas out of the compressed air contains excessive water vapor and oil droplets, as well as solid impurities, such as rust, sand, pipe sealant, which will damage the piston seal ring, blocking the components of the small vent, Shorten the life of components or make it ineffective. The effect of the air filter is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets from the compressed air and filter out dust and solid impurities in the air, but can not remove gaseous water and oil.

  Application areas

  Air filters are widely used in other industries and sectors that require compressed air purification for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power, machinery, light industry, textile, automobile manufacturing, electronics, food, medicine, biochemistry, national defense, scientific research


  The structure of the air filter is introduced into the baffle (2) as shown in the figure on the left and the baffle on the baffle is uniformly distributed with helical teeth similar to the fan blades, forcing the compressed air to flow at high speed Of the tangential direction of the strong rotation, mixed in the air of liquid water and large impurities in the strong centrifugal force under the separation, thrown to the cup (7) on the inner wall, the bottom of the cup. Remove the liquid water oil and larger impurities of compressed air, and then through the filter (3) to further filter, remove the small solid particles, and then from the export of clean compressed air. Umbrella watertight plate ⑸ the cup is divided into two parts, the lower part of the pressure to keep the static area, can prevent high-speed rotation of the air flow from the bottom of the water. Water is gathered from the drain valve (8). The air filter must be installed vertically downward.


  Air Filter Oil-bath air filters are particularly important in environments with high dust concentration. General fluid machinery (air compressors, compressors, vacuum pumps, fans, etc.) The use of dust filter devices are commonly used screen-type, Rasig ring, paper and fiber materials filter. Using the screen-type secondary dust, dust collection area is small, can only filter the larger dust, resulting in fine dust through the suction pipe into the fluid mechanical cavity, exacerbated the cylinder wear and tear, parts often disassemble cleaning, replacement. Resulting in materials, accessories, high cost, more trouble, the use of low efficiency equipment, and the use of paper and fiber materials filter, dust accumulation easily blocked, the same need to frequent downtime to replace the filter material and so on. Increase the labor intensity of workers. The ZKSG-type oil-bath air filter, set cyclone, oil bath, oil film and filter and other dust removal methods as a whole, both muffler device of a new high-performance low noise air muffler filter. Filter efficiency> 98%, filtration accuracy <5>, resistance <30 mm water column. Reduce the noise of the suction port 35 dB (A). Significant solution to the high cost of fluid mechanical materials accessories, many failures, the use of low efficiency equipment. Increase the labor intensity of workers and other troubles, played a good effect.

  Air Filter Oil-bath air filter is cylindrical, the cylinder is divided into three parts: the outer tube, inner tube, outlet pipe. The upper part of the upper part of the swirl plate (or guide vane) and the filter, the lower part of the outer tube with the tube at the end of the general fluid machinery oil (waste oil). Airflow from the tangential direction of the suction tube, high-speed rotation, the dust in the air by the centrifugal force is separated. Then the air flow over the oil, the oil surface fluctuates, part of the oil mist is air entrainment rotation, adhesion in the inner cylinder wall to form the oil film, the air in the dust particles, caught for the oil film. The oil film flows back along the wall and becomes sagging. When the air passes through the oil bath, some dust particles are caught. And the air flow in the inner tube rotation rise, through the swirl plate after the rotation, the air flow in the part of the oil into the oil tank into the oil tank from the return pipe into the bottom of the tube, part of the wall along the inner wall of the wall, The trapped dust is washed off the bottom of the cylinder to produce a new oil film. Then the air flow again through the filter, filter out the smaller dust and oil droplets, to filter the purpose of the air. The noise of the suction port is mainly caused by the mechanical noise generated by the general mechanical operation of the fluid through the pipe and gas to the suction port noise and airflow noise, affecting the surrounding environment. ZKSG oil-type air muffler filter due to the use of tangential intake, the air flow by the oil film, oil bath and filter damping and sub-grid, and after several expansion, and at the top there are muffler these are the pole Good muffling effect, thus greatly reducing the noise of the suction port.

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