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Analysis On The Situation Of Automated Filter Bag Market

Analysis on the Situation of Automated Filter Bag Market

For the Filter Bag, the filter effect is undoubtedly the most important performance indicators, but also the core competitiveness of equipment. With the continuous development of new industries, the technical level of Filter Bags continue to improve. Filtration machines are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing, coal and water treatment and other departments. In today's industrial production occupies a pivotal position, the history of the filter is very long. In the serious pollution today, the filter has a broad market prospects. The domestic economy has become increasingly developed, China's filter has also been developed by leaps and bounds, in the application of water resources management has gradually broad and mature.

Analysis of Automated Filter Bag Market

In the large-scale Filter Bag on the basis of the need to think about how to use the minimum energy consumption to obtain the most dry filter cake, but also consider the follow-up process equipment, energy saving, ceramic media has been fully reflected in the characteristics of energy saving, Large open. The automation of the Filter Bag is both the demand for the equipment and the demand for the workmanship.

Large-scale equipment and energy-saving machinery manufacturing industry is the future trend of opening and market competition focus, especially this Filter Bag. Many solid-liquid, respectively, higher power Filter Bag due to some components of the technical bottleneck problem, there is the largest lack of useful filter and the product is too small or only in the laboratory time, severely restricting the equipment large-scale, industrialization and industrialization. Just to break the equipment capacity, only to reflect the reflected in the trekking of filtration technology content and access to economic and social benefits.

For the Filter Bag, the filter effect is undoubtedly the most important performance indicators, but also the core competitiveness of equipment. With the continuous development of new industries, the technical level of Filter Bags continue to improve.

Foreign Filter Bag a high degree of automation, there have been some special Filter Bags, while the emphasis on the filtration process to strengthen and assist measures, greatly enhance the filtering bag filter effect. In contrast, the domestic Filter Bag industry, although the rapid development of the industry, but also the basic form of the market system, but the domestic equipment to meet the market rate is not high, the efficiency of equipment and foreign advanced level difference.

The quality of pharmaceutical water affects the quality of the drug to a large extent. Therefore, the Filter Bag has become one of the important categories in the field of pharmaceutical water machinery. The Filter Bag is an important equipment for water quality pretreatment, which can effectively remove impurities such as suspended matter, colloid, sediment, clay, humus and particulate matter in water, and reduce the turbidity of water to clarify the water quality. Pharmaceutical applications are widely used.

Filter Bags will be in the next five years there will be a big change!

 We know that the Filter Bag is mainly the use of a special filter media to complete the entire filtration process, and is currently widely used in the metallurgical, chemical, paper, fuel and other industries, along with the popular application of Filter Bags, now Whether it is used or not to use the customer to improve the filter efficiency of the filter are very concerned about, then how to improve the efficiency of filtering it?

1, we have to increase the pressure for the Filter Bag:

You know that in addition to filter cloth can improve efficiency, the appropriate increase in pressure can also improve efficiency. It is to use the flow of the filtrate to provide kinetic energy, while the formation of pressure difference, when the filter reaches a certain value, the pressure difference will increase, the faster the flow rate of the filter, resulting in improved filtration efficiency.

2, Filter Bag form diversification:

Filter the shape of impurities, according to the different time and temperature, the filter effect will be different, then the user is recommended from the temperature, the density of the material and solid particles and other aspects to consider.

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