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Consider The Factors That Need To Be Considered When Purchasing A Filter Bag

Consider the factors that need to be considered when purchasing a Filter Bag

  There are a number of different technologies and media in the Filter Bag that enable it to provide clean and safe air to the user. Often material technology mainly photocatalyst, activated carbon, synthetic fiber, HEPA high efficiency filter material, anion generator and so on. The existing domestic market Filter Bag for the composite type, that is, using a variety of purification technology and material media.

        Buy Filter Bag need to consider two points:

First, whether it has absolute safety, whether a Filter Bag is safe is the basic prerequisite for determining whether it is desirable. Qing Yu ecological Filter Bag through the EU CE certification, and through the US Space Agency official certification, access to the US Pentagon honor medal, its shell, movement, etc. are used in Europe and the United States advanced materials, safety and environmental protection, non-toxic, no secondary pollution.

Second, whether the scientific principle of purification, to achieve efficient effect of the Filter Bag International air purification principles are five, physical, static, chemical, negative and compound.

      In general, the use of a variety of purification methods of the Filter Bag, the purification effect will be better. Qingyi ecological Filter Bag using APT active purification, PCM photocatalytic purification and other purification methods. The world's original APT active purification, the use of lively and rich oxygen molecules and negative ions, purifying the media take the initiative to walk to every corner of the room, and actively disinfection and purification, to achieve the maximum purification effect, and thus clean the area is relatively large, is the general purification of 3 -5 times, and does not produce secondary pollution. For professionals, cleanliness between cleanliness is a common sense problem.

In this increasingly industrialized society, our living environment is getting worse and worse, there are many consumers will choose to buy Filter Bags, but often this type of consumers are just follow the trend to buy their own role for the Filter Bag is not Real understanding, let Xiaobian let us introduce the following.

To understand the role of the Filter Bag, the first thing to know is what is the Filter Bag? Filter Bag is the air filter device, generally used for clean workshop, clean room, clean operating room, laboratory and clean room, or for electronic mechanical communication Equipment and other dust. There are coarse filter, medium efficiency filter, high efficiency filter and sub-efficient and efficient filter a total of five models. Various models have different standards and performance.

One of the functions of the Filter Bag: intercept

Dust particles in the air, with the inertia of the air or irregular Brownian movement or by a certain field force and the role of movement, when the particles hit the other objects, the existence of objects between the van der Waals force, so that particles adhere to the fiber surface. The dust into the filter media have more impact on the media, hit the media will be stuck.

Filter Bag effect of two: electrostatic effect

For some reason, the fibers and particles may carry charge, resulting in electrostatic effects. The filtering effect of the filter material with static electricity can be improved obviously. Reason: static dust to change the trajectory of dust and hit the obstacles, static dust on the media sticky more firmly.

Materials that can be static for long periods of time are also called "electret" materials. Material with static resistance after the same, the filter will be significantly improved. Static electricity in the filter effect can not afford to determine the role, only a secondary role.

Filter Bag effect three: filter material

In fact, the Filter Bag is the air of solid substances for filtering, such as: iron or sand, etc., but these substances will damage the piston seal ring, blocking the components of the small vent holes, shorten the life of components or make it Failure. The effect of the Filter Bag is to separate the liquid water and liquid oil droplets from the compressed air and filter out dust and solid impurities in the air, but can not remove gaseous water and oil.

The above simple for everyone to explain the role of three Filter Bag, the contents of the above is a lot of consumers in the purchase of this equipment must be aware of things before.

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