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How Does The Dust Filter Collector Handle The Special Dust Filter?

How does the Dust Filter collector handle the special Dust Filter?

Most of the Dust Filter we deal with are very easy, but there are some Dust Filter we use ordinary Dust Filter collector is very difficult to deal with, because it has its particularity.

Here to say that this particular Dust Filter mainly: relatively light Dust Filter and more scattered Dust Filter, and the conditions require Dust Filter can not be off-line cleaning.

This kind of Dust Filter in the cleaning time is easy to cause the second Dust Filter, which is more annoying thing, there is such as cotton and other Dust Filter, such Dust Filter into the Dust Filter collector after the internal structure of the Dust Filter, There is no way to blow this kind of Dust Filter down.

 For this kind of Dust Filter we can not use the conventional down-pouring method in the design of the Dust Filter collector, because this way into the wind more exacerbated the possibility of secondary Dust Filter, we need to use when used Flat out or out on; and in the bag or design time, the distance between the need for the appropriate expansion, so that can not be infiltrated, but also to avoid difficult to clean.

If the other side of the need for a long time without the need for continuous operation on the need for off-line cleaning, or the Dust Filter can not be clean, will cause resistance to increase, in front of the suction effect of a sharp decline.

Summary: for a long time without interruption of the working conditions, the Dust Filter is relatively light, there is a certain amount of adhesion in the design of the first above the inlet can not be used into the next, followed by the filter or bag spacing needs to increase, or use off-line cleaning The

Bags in the normal operation of the bag, the equipment due to the choice of sealing and wind speed will cause Dust Filter removal equipment is not completely caused by Dust Filter leakage, and thus affect the normal operation of the bag filter, so that emissions are not compliance, Xiao Yang Xiao Bian For everyone to analyze the reasons.

 Mainly due to the following three reasons:

1, equipment sealed: bag filter is by the net room on the box and the fighting and other parts of the assembly, which check the door and the box and the club is connected by the screw connection, such as in the connection operation for the installation Seal or seal is not up to standard, it will cause Dust Filter leakage.

2, filter wind speed: bag filter filter is generally divided into two kinds of normal temperature and high temperature, room temperature control in the 1.0-2.0, high temperature wind speed should be controlled between 0.8-1, such as wind speed is too high, will cause Dust Filter in the Filter bag surface adhesion is too strong, the pulse after the Dust Filter quickly adhere to the bag surface, so that the resistance of Dust Filter removal equipment increased Dust Filter leakage phenomenon.

3, Dust Filter bag selection: Dust Filter bag as an important component of bag Dust Filter removal equipment, bag filter equipment in the process of filtering can play an irreplaceable role, if the Dust Filter bag underweight or density is too small and so will cause bag Dust Filter removal equipment Dust Filter leakage, resulting in Dust Filter removal equipment is not up to standard.

 As we all know, the Dust Filter collector must be equipped with duct, no duct connection, Dust Filtery gas is not able to enter the Dust Filter collector, that is not as long as the duct can ensure that Dust Filter can enter the Dust Filter collector on the OK?

Xiao Bian often encounter some customers, they are only for the air duct is not air leakage, Dust Filter Dust Filter can be transported to the Dust Filter on the line, but the equipment in use after a period of time, the effect slowly deteriorated to the final equipment basic functions are Loss, in fact, this is wrong, Xiaobian below to share with you under the Dust Filter collector in the air when the how to pay attention.

Bags Dust Filter collector has a high efficiency of Dust Filter, the scope of application and other characteristics, widely used in inDust Filterrial Dust Filter, said he was a bit of Dust Filter for the Dust Filter, but the good product is also need to carefully maintained, and today we talk about Dust Filter To the most common problem - the Dust Filter collector bag is blocked.

We simply explain why the Dust Filter bag is blocked, the Dust Filter filter bag filter principle is the use of bags above the dense fiber holes to achieve, the particle size is greater than a certain value of the Dust Filter is impossible to pass, very small particles and gas can Through, in order to filter, the so-called bag is actually blocked above the fiber hole is blocked, resulting in all the gas and Dust Filter can not pass.

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