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The Main Types Of Dust Filter And Their Respective Characteristics

The main types of Dust Filter and their respective characteristics

  1, bag filter bag filter is generally classified by cleaning the way to different, mainly mechanical vibration bag filter, atmospheric blown bag filter and pulse jet type bag filter three, the Submicron particle size fine dust has a higher grading efficiency of dust removal efficiency.

    Uses: mainly used for the separation of industrial waste dust and fine dust, widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, thermal power plants, building materials, casting, chemical, tobacco, asphalt mixing machine, grain, mechanical processing, boiler dust.

     2, single-chip Dust Filter can be divided into single-shake, self-control dust, single-chip pulse precipitator, single-chip Dust Filter, and several.

    Its main purpose: is used for dust removal of industrial dust removal site.

    3, desulfurization dust desulfurization Dust Filter works: dust flue gas through the stainless steel bulk packing, by increasing the flue gas and aqueous solution of the contact surface, to promote the full absorption of flue gas and spray water neutral, so as to achieve the dust Of the dust and dust removal effect. This kind of Dust Filter is mainly used for all the soot boiler and kiln.

    4, wet Dust Filter Dust Filter from the structural type to points, can be divided into water storage type wet Dust Filter, pressurized water spray and forced rotary spray wet desulfurization Dust Filter; from the energy consumption can be divided into low energy consumption And high energy consumption; according to gas-liquid contact can be divided into the overall and scattered contact wet Dust Filter.

    Uses: Suitable for metallurgy, coal, chemical, casting, power generation, building materials and refractories and other industries.

    5, cyclone dust cyclone dust removal equipment as the name suggests is the use of gas to accelerate the rotation and produce centrifugal force, rotating solid dust from the gas separation of the principle of dust removal equipment.

    Mainly applicable to all kinds of industrial boilers, machining, metallurgical building materials, casting, mining, cement, mining dust thick, intermediate purification.

    6, filter cartridge filter cartridge to solve the traditional Dust Filter on the ultra-fine Dust Filter difficult, high filtration speed, cleaning effect is poor, easy to wear and tear bag leakage, the best cost of running the best program. The traditional filter Dust Filter has two kinds of cleaning methods, one is the high-pressure air blowing, one is the pulse air jet. Uses: Widely used in tobacco, medicine, food, building materials, light industry, metallurgy, chemical, mechanical processing, metal processing, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    7, Dust Filter / Dust Filter Dust Filter can be used in conjunction with other large dust removal equipment to achieve the storage of dust. Dust Filter can be divided into electronic Dust Filter, modular Dust Filter, Dust Filter principle, woodworking Dust Filter, large amount of dust Dust Filter.

    Uses: The equipment is widely used in chemical, power, metallurgy, cement, ceramics, medicine, biotechnology, food and other fields.

    8, the central Dust Filter system Central Dust Filter system is a whole, the system of dust removal equipment, it has both the function of dust and dust can be stored.

    Uses: Central Dust Filter system is widely used in electronics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, machinery, cement, metallurgy, plastics, abrasive and other industries to collect dust, particulate matter, metal waste and other use.

    9, electrostatic precipitator Currently Dust Filter  common electrostatic precipitator type can be divided into the following categories: according to the direction of the air is divided into vertical and horizontal, according to the precipitation pole type is divided into plate and tube, according to the precipitation plate dust Clear the method is divided into dry wet, umbrella-type high efficiency electrostatic precipitator and special high-voltage electrostatic precipitator and so on.

    Uses: separation of industrial waste gas particles and fine dust, widely used in metallurgy, mining, cement, thermal power plants, building materials, casting, chemical, tobacco, asphalt mixer, food, machinery processing, boiler dust, cement raw materials, cooked Material mill, cupola, and so on.

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