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Dust Filter Becomes An Industrial Star

Dust Filter becomes an industrial star

At the same time, Dust Filter like a dark horse in a second environmental action in the glory, won a lot of business and the masses of praise. Coupled with the strict control of the relevant departments and domestic environmental protection for the field of great importance, Dust Filter become industrial environmental star is a foregone conclusion.

As more and more Dust Filter manufacturers join, the next three to five years. Dust Filter will be with the environmental policy into the gold development period, especially some serious pollution, emissions of more polluting enterprises, has been strictly handled by the relevant departments, most companies have begun to pay attention to the "Dust Filter", began to invest and increase dust removal project The construction, to ensure that low emissions, open up the green production channel, for the haze, in addition to haze contribution to their own light and heat.

Currently on the market Dust Filter products are the following categories:

1, bag Dust Filter. Is characterized by high dust removal efficiency, easy operation and maintenance, low investment costs, a number of enterprises to become the first choice for dust purification!

2, electric Dust Filter. Features are high efficiency, high technical requirements, coupled with its high development costs, the current domestic only a few Dust Filter manufacturers to master its core technology, so the popularity of Dust Filter Dust Filter than the use of cloth Dust Filter is much lower.

3, vibrating Dust Filter. This Dust Filter cleaning mainly rely on mechanical vibration and beat to complete, cleaning effect is poor, belong to the early Dust Filter products, has been gradually eliminated.

In the traditional business process, many Dust Filter manufacturers are using television advertising, newspapers, home promotion, etc.. With the rapid development of the Internet and the advent of the information age, the traditional business model is no longer applicable to the development of small and medium enterprises. With the popularity of computers and mobile phones, users are more inclined to find their favorite Dust Filter device through the network, so the market changes also determines the Dust Filter manufacturers to change the business model.

Dust Filter business model changes on the manufacturers have any effect?

It is understood that the current Dust Filter manufacturers operating model mostly with the Internet platform publicity, mainly with the user's active search and the enterprise and product information on the search engine exposure to the user, to guide users to buy. The Internet is divided into PC and mobile side, PC-side corporate propaganda mainly through Baidu auction, natural ranking, B2B shops and other ways to promote, mobile side, many companies currently rely on WeChat, mobile phone sites, micro-shop, etc. also get A good sales.

In general, Dust Filter business model has been the traditional marketing began to switch to the Internet e-commerce marketing, which manufacturers have three benefits: 1, a wide range of information coverage. As the Internet information sharing, just need you to publish information on a large platform will have thousands of groups to see you. 2, information dissemination fast. In this era of information explosion, our business model alone to the past thinking to operate is completely keep up with the pace of the times, as long as your Dust Filter equipment is good enough, there will be users or platforms to actively share information, it is quite In the indirect possession of a free salesman. And the propagation speed is geometric doubling trend. 3, operating costs significantly reduced. In the past, Dust Filter manufacturers want to successfully sell a device, TV advertising, sales staff to promote the introduction are more essential, with the rise of the Internet, just select the platform, a message or a video may change a business fate.

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