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Electrostatic Dust Filter Maintenance Method

Static Dust Filter is the electrostatic purification method to collect dust in the exhaust, and its purification work depends on the corona pole and precipitation to complete the two systems, when the dust into the gas horn, the dust gas by the air Distribution board and baffle adjustment, the negative air flow can be more even into the electric field.

Electrostatic Dust Filter maintenance method:

1, the flange sealing parts, especially the inspection door, explosion-proof valve and the observation gate shall not have air leakage phenomenon.

2, for the lock air valve and star feeder according to the details, on schedule to the lubrication points and cam, roller surface for grease, pay special attention to the movement of the action is coordinated, with or without dislocation, shedding and loose, Flap, impeller, lining and other easy to wear, if damaged should be replaced.

3, the electric field outside the moving bearing and vibration drive structure should be lubricated on time.

4, the detection of static Dust Filter pressure, in order to keep abreast of the temperature and pressure of the operating conditions of the flue gas, in the use of equipment, import and export flues installed thermocouple and pressure gauge.

5, the cathode line, the anode plate, the distribution board for various reasons caused by excessive fouling, more than 5 ~ 10MM, should be continuous rapping, such as continuous rapping invalid, the high voltage should be intercepted rapping, such as vibration When the work is still ineffective due to manual cleaning.

Electrostatic Dust Filter is the use of high-voltage electric field so that the flue gas ionization, dust in the air charge in the electric field under the action of air separation. The negative electrode is made of metal wire of different cross-sectional shape, called discharge electrode. The positive electrode is made of metal plates of different geometries, called dust collector electrodes. The performance of the electrostatic Dust Filter is affected by three factors, such as dust properties, equipment construction and flue gas flow rate. The specific resistance of dust is a measure of conductivity, which has a direct effect on the efficiency of dust removal. The resistance is too low, dust particles difficult to maintain on the dust collector, causing it to return air. The resistance is too high to reach the dust collector dust charge is not easy to release, the formation of a voltage gradient between the dust layer will produce local breakdown and discharge phenomenon. These conditions will result in dust removal efficiency.

Dust Filter bag is called the bag Dust Filter heart, commonly known as dust bag or dust bag, dust bag is a bag Dust Filter operation of the key part of the process, usually cylindrical filter bag hanging vertically in the Dust Filter The Dust bag fabric and design should try to pursue efficient filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect. Dust filter bag selection is essential, it directly affects the Dust Filter dust removal effect, select the dust bag from the following aspects of choice: gas temperature, humidity and chemical, particle size, dust concentration, filtration wind speed, clear Dust and other factors.

Despite the many factors that affect the corrosion of the bag Dust Filter, the most direct reason is that the temperature of the gas is close to the dew point, even below the dew point, causing the gas to condense and appear condensate on the metal surface. Therefore, to prevent the bag Dust Filter corrosion the most effective measures is to improve the process system and operation methods to avoid the phenomenon of condensation, the specific measures are as follows:

① reduce the moisture content of the gas.

② reduce the bag Dust Filter leakage rate.

③ to strengthen the sealing system of dust removal.

Bag Dust Filter in the power, power supply, mainly kiln fuel combustion is not complete, CO content exceeded and bag Dust Filter itself failure. So to ensure that the bag Dust Filter long-term continuous operation, kiln-like burn to normal. In addition to strengthen the daily maintenance of the bag Dust Filter, so that the bag Dust Filter always maintain a good running state. If you can not avoid the production of condensate in the Dust Filter due to operational needs, try to take measures from the structure and materials to prevent corrosion.

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