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The Main Reason For The Damage To The Filter Bag

First, filter the wind speed

Filter Bag filter dust filter is too high, is the main reason for dust bag damage. In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment, increase profits, in the design of bag filter, the filter wind speed, a short period of time the user no obvious reaction, but greatly shorten the life of the Filter Bag. So to the customer not only did not save money, but to bring a very large economic burden, and a waste of time.

Second, the use of temperature

Proper selection of dust Filter Bags suitable for the corresponding dust temperature is the key to Filter Bags. If the temperature is too high, the selected Filter Bag to exceed the normal use of temperature, Filter Bag light to shorten the service life, serious will burn in a short time. Therefore, in the selection of Filter Bags must be measured to calculate the dust collector inlet temperature, in the selection of the corresponding dust Filter Bag.

Third, product quality

The processing of the Filter Bag is particularly important. In recent years, some small manufacturers using small sewing machines for processing equipment, and processing with poor quality as raw materials, real ones, processing level is also far behind. So that the dust Filter Bag in the use of time is not long there will be open, cracks, out of the end and so on. Filter Bag size is small, although you can also use, but in the adsorption of a larger proportion of dust, the use of a period of time will appear out of the bag phenomenon.

In the industrial flue gas dust, due to steel, cement, power generation, waste incineration and other industries and the characteristics of different characteristics of their own operating conditions, resulting in the use of manufacturers to grasp the conditions of the conditions of the more difficult. Therefore, in addition to the quality of the filter itself, the external environment, the impact of the Filter Bag life of many factors, but the main factors are the following nine aspects: the impact of the Filter Bag life factor nine points: flue gas, flue gas content, Smoke and dust particles, the type of dust, the temperature limit, acid gas, alkaline corrosion, oxygen content, air distribution.

As China's coal before the use of non-selected classification, so many varieties are very mixed, mixed with coal, different content, mainly its calorific value, sulfur content, volatile and other indicators difficult to distinguish. China's high-quality coal, such as: coal, lean coal, white coal, the calorific value of up to 5000 kcal or more, the amount of volatile in 17%, the amount of ash is small; and the worst coal, such as: coal gangue, mud Carbon, etc., the calorific value of 800-3000 kcal, the volatilization of up to 50% -70%, carbon weight. It can be seen that the different types of coal to create a calorific value, volatility and the difference between the amount of toner. Coal combustion after the flue gas, flue gas into the dust collector through the pipeline called the entrance of flue gas, the size of the import flue gas, affecting the life of the Filter Bag. In the case of large import flue gas, if the filter area is small, the filter wind speed is large and the pressure of the precipitator rises, resulting in an increase in the pressure of the Filter Bag, which exacerbates the damage of the Filter Bag. Due to the choice of coal is good or bad, determine the size of the amount of flue gas, and the amount of flammability directly affect the life of the Filter Bag.

Due to the choice of different coal, resulting in the amount of dust with different dust, when the dust into the dust collector, the dust diameter is different, different severity, large diameter dust with gravity to fall or fall in the Filter Bag off , While the small particle size of the dust in the wind under the action of kinetic energy. And when the dust is blocked by the Filter Bag after the assembly in the Filter Bag, this time the kinetic energy into zero, the inevitable impact on the Filter Bag; in the kinetic energy of the force, the dust kept washing Filter Bag, if the smoke dust Large, filter the wind speed, the Filter Bag will withstand thousands of times the friction and erosion, leaving the Filter Bag surface fiber can not withstand the erosion and fall off, damage the Filter Bag filter efficiency. Therefore, for large dust content, the need to consider the needle felt wear resistance, the purpose is to extend the life of the filter itself.

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