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The Use And Advantages Of A Small Dust Filter Device

The use and advantages of a small Dust Filter device

Small Dust Filter equipment is also known as stand-alone Dust Filter, mainly used for some small dust removal range, less dust production and processing environment. At present, the domestic small Dust Filter equipment is mainly used in furniture factory, wood processing plants, ball closure mine, sinter crushing room dust, as well as the material of the belt transfer station, and the production space smaller dust environment.

Compared with the large Dust Filter, the small Dust Filter equipment is more likely to be recognized and put into use by the user because of its small size, low steel consumption, low emission concentration, small equipment occupancy area, convenient transportation and low investment cost. Hongtai environmental protection is now the production of new small stand-alone Dust Filter equipment, on the basis of the original, after improvement, lower than the traditional equipment emissions, work efficiency compared with the previous also greatly improved, and this small Dust Filter Equipment to use more flexible and convenient. Cleaning more easily, so once listed by many customers will be loved.

Dust Filter equipment in domestic and foreign application development

In the 1970s, the Dust Filter was used for the flue gas purification of thermal power plants. As the dust and dust emission requirements of these countries became more stringent, the development of bag Dust Filter, especially the development of dust filter bag, Bag life is extended, so that dust bag to be more widely used.

In the domestic industry Dust Filter equipment is used in the early 1980s, has a number of coal power plants in the country put into use. For example: Pu Ping Village Power Plant, Neijiang Power Plant, Nanding Thermal Power Plant, Yangshupu Power Plant, Inspection Division Power Plant, Huainan Power Plant and other small coal-fired enterprises on the use of coal-fired units, due to the objective reasons and conditions at that time, many enterprises and Did not insist on using. The reason is that the first thermal power plant dust emissions in the environmental protection did not require; Second, the bag Dust Filter at the time the overall level is relatively backward, reliable performance of large pulse bag Dust Filter has not yet developed, nor for China's coal The strength of the power plant is good, high temperature, corrosion resistance, long life of the filter, the domestic pulse valve is not clearance, short life, other parts of the processing and installation is not good; Third, the bag Dust Filter knowledge and experience is not enough , So there have been "burning bag", "paste bag", "leak bag" and "clean not work" and so on. 90 years later, basically no longer use the power plant bag Dust Filter, seriously hampered the large pulse bag Dust Filter in the domestic development and application.

With the development of China's industrial development and technological progress, and later domestic dust technology has also been greatly refreshed, some of the more new and efficient Dust Filter equipment stand out, such as: Dust Filter, static Dust Filter, magnetic Dust Filter, filter bag Dust Filter, whirlwind Dust Filter and so on. Through the extensive application of these Dust Filter equipment, China's industrial production and industrial environment has also been an unprecedented leap-forward development.

Consider the future changes in the process, the air volume design value in the normal air volume on the basis of an increase of 5% to 10% of the insurance factor, or in the future once the process to increase the amount of air conditioning, bag Dust Filter filter speed will increase, so that equipment resistance increases, Shortening the life of the filter bag will also be a reason for the rapid increase in other frequency of failure, but if the insurance factor is too large, it will increase the investment and operating costs of Dust Filter. Dust Filter, in different parts of the Filter bag, cleaning strength there is a big difference, and the general gas consumption is large, filter bag length is limited, cleaning effect on the off-line valve depends on the air tightness, so box-type injection for small and medium-sized Dust Filter The filter wind speed varies greatly depending on the type of bag Dust Filter, the type and characteristics of the filter, and the amount of air used to be determined can determine the necessary filtration area based on the determined wind speed.

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