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What Are The Characteristics And Uses Of Air Filter?

What are the characteristics and uses of Air Filter?

Air Filter is our main product, compared with other filters, its filter effect is very good, and can be used in high temperature environment. So, what is the characteristics of this Air Filter, where can be used to repair it?

First, the characteristics of the Air Filter:

1, the Air Filter with ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper for the filter, to offset paper, aluminum foil and other materials folded for the separation, the new polyurethane sealant seal, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum profile for the frame.

2, the Air Filter of the stainless steel frame can increase the overall strength of the filter, aluminum foil board can protect the filter paper, reduce the wind resistance, and its glass fiber filter paper spacing increases the filter area, so it has large dust capacity, High efficiency of filtration.

3, the Air Filter sealant can be 250 degrees Celsius in the environment long-term use, will not produce leakage.

4, the Air Filter can withstand the instantaneous high temperature to 350 degrees Celsius, constant temperature up to 250 degrees, high temperature resistance, performance is very reliable.

Second, the use of Air Filter:

As the Air Filter filter efficiency, high temperature resistance is good, so it uses a wide range, mainly:

1, Air Filter commonly used in air conditioning and ventilation system terminal, or hot air type high temperature oven, oven, super clean oven;

2, Air Filter is also used for aerospace, electronics, semiconductors, optoelectronics, lenses and other manufacturing industries in the ultra cleanliness of the occasion;

3, the Air Filter is also used for biopharmaceuticals, circuit boards, food processing and other purification equipment in the end of the temperature is relatively high, and the requirements of high cleanliness.

Third, the Air Filter how maintenance and maintenance

1, when the Air Filter used for some time, if there will be more dust inside, the wind resistance is relatively large, which requires the internal filter to clean or replaced.

2, in the use of Air Filter in the process, should be regularly on the nozzle of the wind speed to check, if not meet the requirements to replace the filter.

3, replace the high temperature and high efficiency filter to be careful, can not damage the border and filter.

Non-partition high efficiency filter is commonly used in industrial production of purification equipment, Air Filter small size, light weight, filtration efficiency and stability, even the air supply, is widely used in clean plant. The Air Filter is cube structure, the frame is generally made of aluminum alloy, multi-layer frame, aluminum frame and other materials produced.

Air Filter generally use glass fiber as a filter material, glass fiber filter high temperature, stable structure, can be burned, long life, is one of the more ideal filter material. With the continuous progress of synthetic fiber technology, there are some manufacturers using static PTFE fiber as an Air Filter filter material, it is foreseeable that synthetic fiber is the future direction of the mainstream of the development of filter materials.

The Air Filter uses hot melt to separate the filter elements, which makes it easy to mechanize production. And the use of high-quality Air Filter with high quality kraft paper, offset paper or aluminum plate as a separator, in the humidity, temperature changes, the role of the partition may be affected, and may even lead to clean room clean air clean down, so if Enterprises for clean room air cleanliness requirements are relatively high, the best choice of Air Filter.

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