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How To Distinguish Between The Impact Of Air Filter Life

How to distinguish between the impact of Air Filter life

        Affect the life of the Air Filter reasons, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the filter, there are two reasons:

        First, the filter material in the filter area is too small or the capacity of the unit capacity of dust is too small;

        Second, the filter efficiency of the pre-filter is low.

        For the first reason, use a large area of the filter significantly extend the service life, it is best to take this into account when the design, the project is completed after the transformation of the system to extend the life of the system to trouble.

       For the second reason, you can adjust the filter efficiency of the Air Filter, the dust in the pre-filter outside the filter. For example, the end filter is F7, the use of G4 pre-filter when the end of the filter life is 3 months; switch to pre-F5 filter after the end of the filter life extended to six months. In the clean room, the value of the end of the high efficiency filter is not high, but the risk of replacement of the filter and the overhead will be high, and the replacement of the pre-filter without stopping, so experienced owners will focus on the money and money spent on pre-filter On the device.

  With the increasing environmental pollution and the strengthening of people's environmental awareness, air quality has become one of the focus of attention. It is now recognized that air filtration systems not only protect machinery but also protect people. Therefore, the application of high efficiency Air Filter is more and more widely, including the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics production workshop, hospital, food processing industry, clean room, air conditioner, HAVC system.

      But the total cost of clean air system is high, the operating costs of clean equipment accounted for a large proportion of the total cost, for example, the general electronics factory clean room using axial fan shaft air circulation form, if the unit cycle wind energy consumption by 0.236w m3 / h) calculation, electricity is 0.6 yuan, only about 5 million yuan per year to run electricity.

      So high operating costs have become the use of efficient Air Filter to promote the obstacles. Can reduce the energy consumption of equipment, that is, to ensure a certain efficiency of the filter under the premise of reducing the resistance of high efficiency Air Filter is the key to solve the problem. Reduce the energy consumption of clean equipment has become one of the current direction of air clean research. Air Filter structure optimization, is an effective means to achieve this goal.

      In recent decades, the Air Filter structure design has made significant progress, the most important of which is the development of non-partition filter. No baffle Air Filter is a new type of high efficiency filter developed in the 1970s, not only eliminates the danger of damaging the media. But also effectively increase the filter area, improve the filtration efficiency, and reduce the air resistance, thereby reducing the energy consumption.

Non-partition high efficiency filter design starting point is to reduce the structural resistance, while the bag structure of the filter structure resistance is relatively small. The filter structure similar to the YGG-type low-resistance sub-efficient filter for the filter bag filter, but the experiment is expected to get the best filter bag diameter is much larger than 20mm, and did not support the role of the filter flap, thereby increasing Flow channel area, reduce resistance. Therefore, the efficient Air Filter has a potential market prospects, the test test analysis both theoretical and practical economic significance.

High temperature and high efficiency Air Filter features:

       1, high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter with ultra-fine glass fiber filter paper for filter, to offset paper, aluminum foil and other materials folded for the separation, the new polyurethane sealant seal, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy frame The

       2, high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter stainless steel frame can increase the overall strength of the filter, aluminum foil board can protect the filter paper, reduce the wind resistance, as well as its glass fiber filter paper spacing increased filter area, so it has dust capacity, Resistance is small and the filter efficiency is very high.

       3, high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter sealant can be 250 degrees Celsius environment in the long-term use, will not produce leakage.

       4, high temperature and high efficiency Air Filter can withstand the instantaneous high temperature to 350 degrees Celsius, constant temperature up to 250 degrees, high temperature resistance, performance is very reliable.

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