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Non-woven Filter Bag Features And Advantages Of What

Non-woven Filter Bag features and advantages of what

Non-woven Filter Bag Features:

Is a kind of liquid Filter Bag, with loose fiber structure, super breathability and other characteristics, directly interception of small particles, both to effectively capture the fine solid and colloidal particles, and not easy to plug. High-strength fiber wire criss-cross, to avoid the process of filtration due to increased fluid pressure and damage. Felt cloth surface using a high-temperature heat treatment, singeing calendering treatment, not because of fiber detachment caused by the pollution of the filtrate, but also to avoid the traditional roller pressure caused by excessive blocking of the filter hole flow and life. With high efficiency, low cost, large capacity and other characteristics can be cleaned, but after washing can not fully meet the new product into degrees, according to the actual situation to choose the number of reuse, the general situation is not recommended for cleaning liquid filter. Filtration is a kind of deep filter in the form of Filter Bag, the entire depth of the filter layer formed by the three-dimensional porous porous structure, from inside to outside from the loose to dense, the formation of gradient filtration, can improve the liquid flux and impurity capacity.

Advantages of non-woven Filter Bags:

1, sewage capacity, traffic, high pressure.

2, 2, easy to operate, corrosion resistance, good temperature.

3, 3, high rejection rate, low cost, wide range of applications.

4, 4, Naisuan Jian, temperature 150 ℃, non-woven fiber, the depth of filtration accuracy range of 0.5 ~ 500 μ m.

    The working principle of the liquid Filter Bag is pressure filtration, the quality of the liquid Filter Bag is good, pay attention to see the filter cloth efficiency, pore size distribution, density, thickness, weight, permeability, breaking strength and other technical indicators. Liquid Filter Bag in the installation of the need to pay attention to matters:


  1, come up with a new Filter Bag, the new Filter Bag sealed cartons, unused Filter Bag must be re-loaded into the plastic bag to prevent dust pollution.

  2. Turn off the power to stop the pump and close the inlet and outlet valves (for users who have already used the Filter Bag).

  3, the release of pressure, safety, to ensure that the nozzle is rushed to a safe place. Open the exhaust valve to slowly lower the filter pressure (for the user who has used the Filter Bag).

  4, open the lid, to ensure that the cartridge pressure is reduced to zero after opening the lid. Take out the used Filter Bag. (For users who have already used the Filter Bag).

  5, to ensure that the filter edges are cleaned up.

  6, check the basket roundness and edge. The upper edge of the basket and the contact surface of the cartridge must be flat. If there is no basket or basket installation error will lead to filter failure.

  7, the installation of new Filter Bags, Filter Bags must be inserted into the basket, the Filter Bag seal must be properly seated in the sealed slot.

  8, check the gasket, select the fluid can be compatible with the gasket. Close the lid, and note that when the filter cover is closed, make sure the washer is not twisted or out of the slot and tighten the loop nuts clockwise.

  9, close the exhaust valve, open the pump switch. Open the inlet valve and slowly open the valve to see if it leaks. When a leak occurs, immediately close the inlet valve, from the start, open the outlet valve.

  The liquid flows from the Filter Bag to the bag, and the filtered particles are trapped in the bag. The working principle of the bag filter is pressure filtration. Bag filter system consists of three parts: filter containers, support basket and Filter Bags.

      Usually the PE / PP Filter Bag filter accuracy unit is the number of "micron" (μm), and nylon filter, stainless steel filter filter unit is the number of "head" said.

      "Head" refers to the number of holes per square inch (1 inch 25.4mm) mesh, 50 mesh refers to the per square inch of the hole is 50, 500 mesh is 500, the higher the number of eyes, the more holes; In addition to the pores of the screen, it is used to indicate the particle size of the particles that can pass through the screen. The higher the mesh size, the smaller the particle size.

       It can be seen from the definition of "head" above that the size of the pore size is related to the diameter of the yarn for weaving the cloth. In actual use, it has a great relationship with the monofilament, multifilament and weaving method, and the centrifugation Machine speed (centrifugal force size), filter material performance, temperature and so have a great relationship, so choose the appropriate case for their own Filter Bag is also a very complex selection process.

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