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Dust Filter Application Prospect And Problem To Be Solved

Dust Filter Application prospect and problem to be solved

Dust filter has high efficiency, low resistance, energy saving, inlet concentration and filtration wind speed range, processing ability, with a wide range of adaptability. At the same time, the filter Dust Filter long life, low investment and maintenance costs, relatively compact layout, saving space, easy to maintain. Compared with the bag Dust Filter, both for desulfurization or ordinary dust have a broader market prospects, should be promoted.

Although the filter cartridge Dust Filter has a great advantage, but the current application is not very common there are many technical difficulties need to improve, especially filter

And cleaning system. With the filter Dust Filter in various industries widely used for different materials on the nature of the need for different media, the existing fiber, polyester, film and other filter media has been unable to meet the demand, so the development of new, efficient The filter is more and more imminent. Industrial filter cartridge Dust Filter larger, the filter is also longer, how to ensure that the filter cartridge on the middle, the lower part can achieve a better cleaning effect; industrial filter cleaning is generally in turn clear Gray, how to make the interaction between the filter the smallest and does not affect the dust removal effect, these issues to be further study in the future.

Dust Filter Everyone in the daily life of the tool, but everyone on its origin may not be clear. Then I take you to understand the next bag Dust Filter. Bag Dust Filter is an older Dust Filter, early with artificial or mechanical vibration cleaning, so its application is limited. Since 1950, due to the reverse injection and pulse injection of the invention and application of the bag Dust Filter dust and cleaning to achieve a continuous operation, and resistance to stability, high speed, the internal non-motor parts and simple design Wait. With the development of new durable, corrosion-resistant, high temperature (up to 300 degrees), low pressure drop, easy to clean filter material, especially non-fabric polymer filter and wire-fabric mixture filter, , Becoming the main efficient Dust Filter. It is fine particles (1 ~ 5um) efficiency of 99% or more, you can also remove 1um or 0.1um dust particles. Bag Dust Filter adaptability is relatively strong, free from the impact of dust than the resistance, there is no water pollution problems. In the selection of the appropriate filter aid conditions, can simultaneously remove the gas in the solid, gas two-phase pollution. Because of these features, it is expected that in future dust removal operations, bag Dust Filter may live in a more leading position. But its filtration speed is low, pressure drop, covers an area of large, bag trouble and other shortcomings, very need to be improved.

The technical economics of Dust Filter is based on the annual cost. American environmental research company J D and others, to coal-fired boiler for the object, carried out the middle of the bag Dust Filter test. Selected 120000Nm3 / h, 130 degrees of coal-fired boiler flue gas (sulfur 0.6%) to make three efficient dust removal method of technical and economic comparison. As can be seen from the chart or table, from the three dust removal equipment, the highest dust removal efficiency of the infrastructure fee (initial investment) to see the lowest bag filter, electric Dust Filter second, while the venturi scrubber is the highest, and its efficiency and lowest. In the same operating efficiency (99.5%), the static Dust Filter is about 25% lower than the pulse bag Dust Filter, and the venturi scrubber is larger due to the power consumption. As a comprehensive measure of the annual cost of technical and economic indicators, the pulse bag Dust Filter is about 20 to 25% cheaper than the electric Dust Filter, and has a greater efficiency in fine dust particles. The annual cost of the venturi scrubber shows that it is not competitive.

An important condition for the development and popularization of the pulsed bag Dust Filter is its dust bag problem (ie made of fiber material for the filter cloth). Before the fifties the use of dust bag is mainly cotton, wool, and later due to the application of synthetic fibers (especially high temperature, corrosion-resistant fiber) to be successful, to promote the application of bag Dust Filter provides a very favorable conditions. And therefore broke more than 20 years ago to deal with more than 200 degrees high temperature dust gas can only use the electric Dust Filter and scrubber situation, so that the application of bag Dust Filter into the field of high temperature.

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