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How To Improve The Performance Index Of Dust Filter

How to improve the performance index of Dust Filter

We should have clear Dust Filter of main components have ash hopper and the box body, but housing is divided into three parts 3, so in order to be able to let the dust purification can get better performance, the need to ensure its chamber operation process can be better. After all by pulse injection and chamber stop ash slag discharge can achieve the best effect, better able to dust precipitation, finally to obtain better guarantee the better effort, these are very notable.

Filter using separate room to stop the wind ash removal technology, can ensure the settlement of the ash layer can effectively, in this case the pulse valve and pressure filter bag also can be greatly reduced, so at this time is sure to make it effectively reduce fatigue and eventually be able to effectively improve the service life of filter bag and the pulse valve, it is ultimately guarantee its performance to a more excellent way. After all we are dust in the first to enter the body and the lower box body will dust particles precipitate into ash hopper and then under the influence of airflow to dust adsorption on the field of filter bag, will eventually finished close to purify the air discharge is completed.

Since environmental protection, environmental pollution in some places has been concerned, and environmental dust removal equipment has become more and more popular. In the face of such dust pollution, the Dust Filter has become the current demand. In the face of a variety of Dust Filter and Dust Filter's propaganda campaign, how to pick out the Dust Filter, what should I choose?

Product publicity is also the competition, such as "American original import, health care grade filter", "national food grade ABS material", all kinds of advertising language is dazzling, affecting the customer's choice.

A lot of jargon is filled with customers' brains... Let customers go into the trap of choosing dust removal equipment all the time...

Select the Dust Filter, and have the following 5 reference guide:

1. Comply with the relevant emission standards, indoor hygiene standards and actual potential of national regulations to determine the efficiency and emission concentration required.

2. According to the characteristics of dust (dust content, particle size, viscosity), determine the flow rate of flue gas in the Dust Filter, the required filter area, filter material and dust removal method.

3. According to the characteristics of flue gas (temperature, humidity, dew point, pressure, etc.) to determine the structure of the equipment, material selection and the main measures such as the discharge of ash.

4. Determine the distance between all internal components in the Dust Filter according to the requirements of electrical control and safety production, and keep the distance consistent with the requirements of gas flow rules.

The structure, main components of equipment 5, must consider the possibility of manufacturing, transportation, and field construction, large Dust Filter should have the collapse of the plan, the main components must be explicitly put forward the main technical requirements and construction installation procedures, to ensure the quality of construction installation.

Under the condition of meet the craft production use, smoke Dust Filter required unit volume of equipment investment, less as far as possible low operating cost, save energy and related auxiliary equipment and relative process configuration should guarantee the precipitator main equipment operation and reliable, reasonable configuration, maintenance is convenient.

What are the three most important parameters of a Dust Filter? The wind volume, the area of filtration, and the other is the filtration wind speed.

We all know that there are a lot of fiber hole above the dust removal filter cartridge filter, filter the size of the wind speed, is really can feel the most intuitionistic, fast speed, some tiny dust is susceptible to the effect of inertia holes through fiber ran out and that is why we should limit the most reasonable filtration velocity.

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