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What Are The Air Filter With Air Filter?

What are the Air Filter with Air Filter?

As we all know, the Air Filter must be equipped with Air Filter, no duct connection, dusty gas is not able to enter the Air Filter, that is, as long as the duct can not be able to ensure that dust can enter the Air Filter OK The

Xiaobian often encounter some customers, they are only for the Air Filter is not air leakage, dust dust can be transported to the Air Filter on the line, but the equipment in use after a period of time, the effect slowly deteriorated to the final equipment basic functions Are lost, in fact, this is wrong, Xiaobian below to share with you under the Air Filter with the air pipe when the attention.

 Air Filter in the Air Filter when the need to pay attention to the following four questions:

1, whether the duct is sealed.

2, the size of the diameter of the duct.

3, according to the principle of installation of the wind pipe.

4, Dust dust in the duct is what kind of dust.

What are the principles that we should follow to choose or judge? Xiaobian to answer

1, the duct sealing performance must be perfect, if the duct can not be sealed, in the process of conveying dust gas will be the loss of air flow, suction effect will be weakened.

2, the choice of the size of the duct diameter We are based on the flow rate and the flow rate inside the pipeline, when the Air Filter selected, the air volume is basically constant, but the flow rate of choice depends on what type of dust to judge, if the dust is relatively light , The flow rate can be relatively slow, if the dust particle size, than the major, then the flow rate needs to be faster, to ensure that dust is not precipitation in the duct.

3, the installation of the duct we installed the main principle is to straight bend, need to bend to large. According to the scene, the duct as far as possible need straight pipe, so as to avoid the loss of wind pressure, in the case of unavoidable elbow, need to bend the elbow to do a little bigger, to minimize the loss of wind pressure.

 Environmental protection industry has a wide range of equipment, Air Filter, filter Air Filter, whirlwind Air Filter, water Air Filter and so on. These Air Filters each have their own advantages, no one has any way to completely replace, and today we focus on what conditions are not suitable for installation of Air Filters.

Speaking of Air Filters, I believe that even the environmental protection industry do not understand the people who know the following analysis of several conditions is the most afraid:

The first, Mars, the current market, no matter what the material of the dust bag, encounter fire will burn, some resistance to flame retardant bag can do not spread, but encountered Mars, burn a hole or can not be avoided The

The second, along with Mars, is the factor of temperature. Boiler industry temperature is as small as 100 degrees, reaching more than 1000 degrees, there are, but our dust bag is not able to adapt, we simply classified as polyester bag (temperature <120 degrees), high temperature bag (temperature <280 degrees) , 280 degrees below the basic account of the market accounted for 95% of the equipment. There are some metal fiber bags can withstand higher temperatures, but the cost is too high, do not extend.

 The third, moisture and oil, which is caused by the bag to block the most fundamental reason, only the amount is large enough, any bag is not so sure, sure to block, so the water and oil must not be a lot.

Fourth, the exhaust gas, Air Filter, although widely popularized, but he also has its own limitations, he can only dust, exhaust this one can not be removed, especially corrosive emissions, but also easy to bag corrosion , Accelerated aging.

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