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Dust Filter Common Way To Introduce Dust

Dust Filter common way to introduce dust

Today, we are concerned about the way dust cleaning, the current market there are three of the most common, manual cleaning, mechanical rapping, pulse injection. At the same time this order is also the evolution of the dust from ancient times has been the history of history.

 We may wish to talk about these three kinds of cleaning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages of it

The first is manual cleaning. The oldest way, the need for workers to manually shake the bag, of course, the effect of cleaning is not good, basically has been eliminated, but he also has other people can not be a huge advantage, cost savings ah, do not need to rapping the motor, Do not need air compressor, if you simply buy a dust removal equipment factory to be a decoration, so that environmental protection to see, then this way will certainly be the best choice. Otherwise do not touch this, Dust Filter or is our technology with the ever-changing development of the greatest irony.

The second is mechanical rapping. Although the contrast pulse jet, Dust Filter it is still relatively backward, but in some cases, he has a pulse can not replace the role of injection.

We give two examples of it, the first is some food processing plants, due to the collection of dust need to be recycled, he does not allow dirty air to enter, so the pulse will be isolated at the door, only mechanical Rage, there is a precious metal work industry, pulse injection due to the relatively large pressure, easy to blow away precious metals, is not conducive to recycling, the industry can only use mechanical rakes.

The third is our star models, pulse jet. Pulse injection of too many advantages, not only the injection effect is good, high efficiency, but also save labor costs, and pulse valve life in the millions of times is relatively high, can be very responsible to tell, unless your factory is a special case , No demand or can not use gas, or pulse cleaning is absolutely the most sensible decision.

Most of the dust we deal with are very easy, but there are some dust we use ordinary Dust Filter is very difficult to deal with, because it has its particularity.

Here to say that this particular dust mainly: relatively light dust and more scattered dust, and the conditions require dust can not be off-line cleaning.

This kind of dust in the cleaning time is easy to cause the second dust, which is more annoying thing, there is such as cotton and other dust, such dust into the Dust Filter after the internal structure of the dust, There is no way to blow this kind of dust down.

 For this kind of Dust Filter we can not use the conventional down-pouring method in the design of the Dust Filter, because this way into the wind more exacerbated the possibility of secondary dust, we need to use when used Flat out or out on; and in the bag or design time, the distance between the need for the appropriate expansion, so that can not be infiltrated, but also to avoid difficult to clean.

If the other side of the need for a long time without the need for continuous operation on the need for off-line cleaning, or the Dust Filter can not be clean, will cause resistance to increase, in front of the suction effect of a sharp decline.

Summary: for a long time without interruption of the working conditions, Dust Filter the dust is relatively light, there is a certain amount of adhesion in the design of the first above the inlet can not be used into the next, followed by the filter or bag spacing need to increase, or use off-line cleaning The

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