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Common Application Problems In Filter Bag

Common application problems in Filter Bag

High temperature dust bag bag filter bag factory technician detailed introduction common application problem:

1. When to replace the filter bag?

There are two ways to determine when to replace the filter bag:

1) to fully follow the experience to roughly determine the replacement time.

2) in the bag filter inlet and outlet pipes are installed on the pressure gauge, through the pressure gauge before and after the pressure difference to determine the time to replace the filter bag, the general filter bag can withstand the pressure difference of 0.5 ~ 1kg / cm2 Around, when the pressure reaches this range, should be promptly replaced filter bag to avoid bag cracking, affecting the filter effect, not because of small loss.

2. Filter by level

Bag filter can be installed in series to achieve gradual filtering.

If installed in the front of the filter for high-precision filtration, you can significantly reduce the filtration costs. The same can also be sand filter and other filtering methods combined with the bag filter, thereby further enhancing the filter quality and reduce the cost of filtering bags.

Combine self-cleaning machines, centrifugal and bag filters, we can use it alone or in series with other principles of the filter to achieve the desired results.

3. How to achieve uninterrupted filtering?

Bag filter can be installed in parallel to ensure the continuity of filtration, or increase the flow, as shown in parallel installation, alternating replacement filter bag, you can maintain continuous filtering.

The extensive use of Filter Bag also have a great harm to the human body you know how much?

With the development of society, due to people's awareness of environmental protection, bag filter bag has gradually been widely used in a number of school rooms, hospitals, laboratories and other places will use the filter bag, and even Filter Bag in the air conditioning are There are very good use, then, the use of such a wide range of Filter Bag, many people worry about is: the widespread use of Filter Bag harmful to human health? Here we take a look at China filter bag manufacturers to provide relevant information!

For the widespread use of Filter Bag on human health is harmful from the following aspects:

  1, from the manufacture of Filter Bag, the filter bag is the use of industrial sewing production methods, when used is not silicone oil pollution, is particularly health.

  2, the filter bag is made of advanced technology, is not the phenomenon of eye defects and side leakage, its production process is quite good.

  3, the filter bag has a very good filter accuracy, and its filter material is also very good, the effect is very significant.

  4, there is a liquid filter bag, this filter bag is the use of stainless steel welding technology, greatly reducing the probability of leakage side of the filter bag, this technology can be a good way to improve the sealing bag bag, making the error reduced, sealed The degree becomes high.

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