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The Advantages Of Air Filter

The advantages of Air Filter

The advantages of Air Filter are more mechanical vibration, sub-room backflush and pulse jet; the first two of the cleaning capacity is weaker than the pulse jet, more difficult to clean with the latter is more appropriate; in the same conditions of use, the first two By

Of the pressure drop is often higher than the pulse jet; with the first two methods should be filtered in the filter bag to be cleaned (that is, off-line cleaning), can only be used for intermittent dust collector, or increase one

Part of the reserve dust bag, sub-chamber cleaning cleaning, pulse injection is not necessary to stop the filter when the cleaning (that can be cleaned on-line), the use of pulse dust cleaning dust can handle containing

Dust concentration of high gas, and the first two in the dust depth is high when the need to increase the pre-dust collector; mechanical vibration cleaning operation and maintenance costs are higher, pulse jet cleaning system needs to have good

Good high-pressure air supply, valves and other components to pay attention to maintenance, sub-room anti-blowing cleaning system structure is relatively simple, few parts of the movement, maintenance work less; in the machine with the use of conditions, sub-room

The maximum advantage of the pulsed bag filter is that the area of the filter is less than the first two in the case of the same amount of gas

Much more, so the equipment size, weight, covers an area of the corresponding much smaller, the initial investment is much less. As the pulse jet bag dust collector more advantages, so the application area is growing

   Air filter in the new filter bag began to use, is to rely on the fabric pores protruding between the fiber and dust particles between the inertial collision, direct trapping, electrostatic attraction, Brown diffusion and other effects to capture dust; when the fabric to form a layer After the dust layer, the dust layer is mainly used to capture dust. In the existing dust purifier for a variety of dust, the air filter dust removal effect is the best, in particular, it captures the particle size of 1um below the ability of fine dust particles, compared with the same efficiency of the electrostatic precipitator And high pressure Venturi dust collector is still higher than a chip.

   The dust removal rate (or dust removal efficiency) of the air filter is related to the type of filter and the condition of dust on the filter. Generally speaking, the new filter bag dust removal rate is low. When the dust on the bag is about 2-3g / m2, the dust removal rate can exceed 90%; when it reaches 150g / m2, it can exceed 99% (according to the common dust concentration of 2.5g / m3, the former is about 1min, the latter about 1h). After the filter bag after cleaning, but also leave some dust, after a period of periodic filter cleaning, the residual dust tends to be stable. At this time the dust removal rate will generally be greater than 99%, such as the use of properly, even more than 99.9%. Under normal conditions, it is the dust in the sub-micron (particle size <1um) part of the dust removal rate is usually greater than 90%.

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