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What Is The Reason For Determining The Efficiency Of The Filter Bag?

What is the reason for determining the efficiency of the Filter Bag?

       The efficiency of the Filter Bag depends mainly on the thickness of the dust layer on the filter and Filter Bag. In general, the filter material is dense, the dust layer is thick and the efficiency is high; but the corresponding treatment gas capacity is reduced, that is, the filtration wind speed is low. How to ensure high efficiency and stability of the precipitator pressure loss at the same time, but also improve the filter wind speed, which is a question to be further studied. The increase in filtration wind speed depends on the cleaning method and the performance of the filter.

      Early use of the bag filter and bag dust chamber, no cleaning device, filter the wind speed is low, that is, low gas handling capacity. Later, the artificial method to remove the dust adsorbed on the Filter Bag, filter the wind speed has increased; and then developed to the sub-room regular automatic rapping intermittent cleaning bag filter (mechanical rapping, anti-air and anti-gas vibration bag Type dust collector), the filtration wind speed is significantly improved. However, since the treated gas is cut off by the chamber, and the cleaning of the Filter Bags is performed in sequence, the precipitator is not sufficiently functioning. In recent years there have been advanced cleaning equipment, bag-type dust collector, such as pulse bag filter is one of them. This kind of dust collector is to continuously clean the Filter Bag without breaking the treated gas (the pressure of the dust collector in operation and the amount of dust in the treated dust are almost unchanged). The use of compressed air (which consumes the most

0.13% -0.3% of dust-containing gas) r ash and picking high efficiency Filter Bag, the flooded wind speed of 5 m / min. It is compared with the mechanical vibration cleaning dust bag, with a large capacity to deal with gas, Filter Bag long life, high efficiency dust and maintenance of small sewing and other advantages.

Filter Bag with a regular cleaning method, cleaning order for the 1 room to a few room by one each room to spend time interval of 3min, several bags of room rotation need N room × 3min ,, and to the next cycle of several rooms The time interval is very long, due to the small cycle of a cycle and the interval between each large cycle is too long, the dust collector dust effect adversely affected .3 solution measures ash discharge system with FU270 × 10500 chain Conveyor to replace the original precipitator of the spiral conveyor as a bag filter ash discharge system, conveying capacity, to meet the production needs. After the transformation, the equipment less wearing parts, reliable operation, maintenance work less, due to FU chain conveyor precipitator ash hopper to outside inspection and easy maintenance, installation, use existing problems are: ① process when the bag is damaged during installation, greatly shorten the life of the Filter Bag, particularly in the production of slag cement, performance is more obviously, the quality does not meet installation requirements ②, the method requires installation Failing bag, the bag mouth is not fully engaged in the plate wells or the dust bag flower is placed in the flower Pu Yan plate used bag or dust falling through flower plate hole Into the box, so that the dust out of action, ③ bag making material is not uniform, different sources of spare Filter Bag, can not guarantee the quality of the Filter Bag.

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