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What Is The Life Of The Dust Filter?

What is the life of the Dust Filter?

 From the bag life point of view, the combination of dust bag bag life expectancy should be higher than the pure bag filter, but the combination of dust bag bag time is still short, no domestic data. Therefore, regardless of the current combination of dust bag or pure bag filter, engineering applications in the filter bag (imported PPS fiber) service life are generally required for about 30 000 h, from the point of view of the electronic bag combination dust collector has not yet reached the extension filter Bag life expectancy.

       After the production of air bag in the production, must be used to clean the internal combustion of compressed gas welding slag, and then install the valve. In the workshop to test the pulse valve, especially the diameter of 76mm submerged valve, you must ensure that the air bag compressed gas pressure and qi flow, otherwise the pulse valve will not be able to open or leak.

       After unpacking, please check the instruction manual, factory certificate, packing list is complete. And then check the list of product names, models are consistent, the control nameplate is consistent with the order. If the defect or does not match, should promptly contact with the manufacturers to try to solve.

Bag filter is a fabric as a filter material (referred to as filter material), made of pocket-like, through the fabric pores of the dust contained in the equipment.

 The working principle of this kind of dust collector as shown in the figure, the work of dust from the dust collector into the manifold through the intake manifold air flow control valve, evenly distributed to the unit filter bag room, due to the steady flow of air flow Or the role of the baffle, a large part of the large particles of dust in the air due to inertia and fall into the hopper, small particles through the sieving, inertia, adhesion, diffusion and electrostatic role was blocked in the filter bag outside, purification The confidence of the gas into the bag, pooled into the net room, the exhaust pipe discharge. With the continuous filtration, due to adhesion, retention and other effects, dust particles in the bag surface gradually formed dust layer. With the increase in the dust on the surface of the filter bag, the filter bag resistance increases, when the filter bag chamber pressure reaches the set value or run to the set time, the controller sends a signal, the valve closed the cell filter bag row Gas, so that the room is offline. At this time the compressed air from the air bag through the pulse valve from the nozzle on the nozzle into the unit filter bag filter bag, the packet injection. After the injection is completed, the poppet valve is opened and the filter bag is restored to the filter state. Similarly, the remaining filter bags are controlled by the program controller in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning. Finally, the dust falling off by the filter bag and the reverse acceleration act on the ash bucket are transported by the ash conveying device.

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