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How To Choose Quality And Cheap Filter Cage

How to choose quality and cheap Filter Cage

Bag dust removal technology in China's rapid development, the current domestic bag dust removal technology has been able to keep up with international pace. The Filter Cage is the bag in the field of dust and the need for regular replacement of the core, each dust removal conditions, our ultimate goal is to choose the most appropriate Filter Cage material, the most appropriate price and the most honest Filter Cage supplier. So how to choose such a Filter Cage? Then for everyone to his right.

First of all we need to understand their own Filter Cage:

1, the temperature: filter tube long working temperature and instantaneous use of temperature (stop, boot temperature), directly determine the Filter Cage life, long time work will greatly reduce the temperature of the Filter Cage life or even directly burned.

2, followed by to determine the nature of dust gas: the concentration of imported dust, the concentration of export emissions, dust species, dust particle size (Filter Cage after the formation of dust can filter more than 0.1μm dust), moisture content, whether it is sticky, There are acid, alkali corrosion ingredients, whether there is an explosion possible, even if there is open fire and so on. At this time we can choose according to the above 1 bag material to consider the appropriate post-processing methods (such as explosion-proof, waterproof and oil, film, coating, high temperature stereotypes, flame retardant, acid and alkali impregnation, etc.) to cope with complex work Environment.

3, filter wind speed: filter the majority of wind speed control in more than 1.2m / min, a small number of conditions below 0.8m / min. (Glass fiber). Here we know the filter speed, Filter Cage processing air volume, you can calculate the filter area, and then based on the estimated number of Filter Cage filter size calculation size.

4, clear Filter Cage hole hole diameter (very important).

Through the above four points, we can choose the most suitable for their Filter Cage Filter Cage material, size size. The next step is to choose a reliable Filter Cage manufacturer. How to choose? And consider the method of bidding, the same type of Filter Cage through several registered capital of more than 500 million filter bag manufacturers offer, take the next offer the most final purchase target, the quality can be guaranteed at the same time the price is not high.

Filter Cage Working principle: dust-laden gas through the fan traction from the inlet pipe into the Filter Cage box filter room, dust-laden gas to continue traction through the Filter Cage, filter gas into the net room, and then by the net room The exhaust pipe is drained by the fan. This is the larger particles of dust particles are filtered by the cage retained by the gravity of the natural fall into the ash bucket, discharged by the artificial discharge valve. The cleaning process is started by the program controller in order to start the pulse valve, so that the air bag compressed air (0.5-0.7MPa), sprayed from the injection tube hole (called a wind) through the venturi tube 5-6 times the first time Of the surrounding air (called secondary air) into the Filter Cage to instantaneous rapid expansion, and accompanied by the opposite direction of the air flow off the dust particles, to clean the purpose. Dust accumulation and re-filter the outer surface of the cage, and increasing, so that the resistance of the bag Filter Cage rising, so that equipment resistance does not exceed 1400Pa, bag Filter Cage can continue to work, need to regularly remove the dust on the bag.

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