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Use And Maintenance Of The Dust Filter

Use and maintenance of the Dust Filter

Dust catcher use and maintenance of general problems and precautions can be divided into dust emissions, dust collector pressure than normal high, and the filter bag life is too short and so on three aspects, there is a clear correlation between the three,

In the operation of the dust collector, if the discharge is excessive and the operating pressure of the Dust Filter is too low than the design, it is very likely that the initial powder layer on the surface of the filter bag is insufficient. The reason may be that the filtration speed of the filter bag is too high, The cycle is too short, the pressure of the compressed air is too high, the load of the dust is reduced.

Studies have shown that: too high filtration rate, the dust discharge rate will increase, too high filtration gas velocity, will make the initial dust layer broken, and dust impact filter bag caused by excessive wear and tear, if the time at this time cleaning bag Easily lead to loose bag fabric loose, which will make the dust discharge exceeded.

In the period of settling the pulse cleaning of the Dust Filter, it is necessary to ensure that the dust cleaner is operated at a stable pressure, and the pulse cleaning period is set as long as possible. The pulse cleaning time is such that the initial dust does not fall off and the set time Cleaning the shortest as well, if the initial dust layer is insufficient, you can use extended cleaning cycle supplement, if the use of differential pressure control, you can improve the stability of the inlet and outlet pressure regulator set.

If the dust collector is discharged only after the cleaning bag is removed, it is only necessary to check whether the pressure of the compressed air for pulse cleaning is too large.

Dust load reduction may come from the reduction of productivity, or the maintenance and adjustment of the control system of the Dust Filter. Solution: It can be solved by slowly loading or using pre-dusting with light load.

The dust collector is a dry dust removal device that is suitable for capturing fine, dry non-fibrous dust. The filter bag is made of textile filter cloth or non-woven felt, and the dusty gas is filtered by the filtering effect of the fiber fabric. When the dust-laden gas enters the dust collector, the particles are larger and the dust is larger than the dust , Fall into the ash bucket, containing smaller dust in the gas through the filter, the dust is blocked, so that the gas is purified. Generally the new filter dust removal efficiency is not high enough. Filter material used for some time, due to sieve, collision, retention, diffusion, static and other effects, the bag surface accumulation of a layer of dust, this layer of dust called the primary, in the subsequent movement of the process, the primary Filter the main filter layer, relying on the role of the primary layer, the larger the filter can also get a higher filter efficiency. With the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter, the efficiency and resistance of the Dust Filter are correspondingly increased, when the pressure difference on both sides of the filter, it will be attached to some of the filter on the fine dust particles squeezed in the past, So that the efficiency of the Dust Filter. In addition, the excessive resistance of the dust collector will significantly reduce the air volume of the dust removal system. Therefore, the resistance of the Dust Filter to a certain value, it is necessary to timely cleaning. Cleaning can not damage the primary layer, so as to avoid the decline in efficiency. The structure of the Dust Filter is mainly composed of the upper box, the middle box, the lower box (ash bucket), the cleaning system and the ash discharge mechanism. Dust collector performance is good or bad, in addition to the correct choice of filter bag material, the cleaning system plays a decisive role in the dust. To this end, cleaning method is one of the characteristics of the distinction between the dust collector, dust is also an important part of the operation.

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