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How To Distinguish The Influence Of The Liquid Filtration Service Life

How to distinguish the influence of the Liquid Filtration service life

In addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the filter, there are two reasons:

First, the filtration material in the filter area is too small or the capacity of the unit area is too small;

Second, the filter efficiency of the prefilter is low.

For the first reason, to switch to filter significantly prolong service life of the area is large, it is best to design for it, after the completion of the project to transform filtering system to prolong life is in trouble.

For the second reason, you can adjust the filtration efficiency of the Liquid Filtration, and dust the dust off the prefilter. For example, the terminal filter is F7, and the end-filter is used for three months using the G4 prefilter. Use the pref5 filter to extend the service life of the end filter to half a year. Hepa filter in the end of the clean room, the value is not high, but the risk of changing filters and indirect cost will be very high, Liquid Filtration and replace the filter does not need to stop production, so the owner experienced focus and money on the pre-filter.

1. Clean the clean room, complete the installation, and clean the clean room thoroughly.

2. The clean and clean air conditioning system must be thoroughly cleaned, cleaned and carefully inspected. If there is any dust, it should be cleaned and cleaned again, and the cleaning requirement has been ensured.

3. If a high efficiency filter is installed in the technical layer or ceiling, the technical layer or ceiling shall be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned.

4, the efficient liquid filter is disassembled at the installation site to inspect the appearance and inspect the contents including the frame, filter and sealant. Whether all sizes meet the drawing requirements; The frame has no burrs and rust spots (metal frame); Does not have the product certificate, Liquid Filtration its technical performance meets the engineering design requirement.

5, clean room, Liquid Filtration and clean air conditioning system to fulfill the requirements of clean, clean air conditioning system must be test run (blowing), test run for 12 to 24 hours in a row, air blow after cleaning, wipe clean room again, and immediately install efficient Liquid Filtration.

Eye view: the filter of high quality materials with good quality, waterproof performance, antistatic performance, oil resistance, Liquid Filtration impact resistance and high compression performance. This is not only a safety filter product, but also a delicacy, elegance and artistic elegance. To understand, the structure, the simple appearance of operation, simple installation;

2. Feel: physical reality, high quality, internal filling and feeling are heavier and better filtering;

3. Looking at functions: good liquid filtering can remove granular materials in fluid, Liquid Filtration but also reduce harmful smell;

4. Look for signs: normal filter should have international domestic certificate;

5. Recognize the brand: well-known brand products with patents and technology, perfect quality assurance system, and provide complete and thoughtful after-sales service, the price of products is usually slightly higher.

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