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How To Quickly Learn The Filter Type Of Filter Bag

How to quickly learn the filter type of Filter Bag

Filter Bag is refers to the air filter unit is known to all, commonly used in clean room, clean room, clean operating room, laboratory, and clean room, or to the electronic communications equipment machinery, such as the dust. There are also coarse filter, medium - effect filter, subefficient filter and high efficiency filter. So since there are different categories of Filter Bags, then the corresponding filter classification, you are not clear understanding.

Chemical nonwoven filter material

School name polyester fiber, commonly known as non-woven fabric. The non-woven fabric has the characteristics of extensive, technical maturity and good stability. It is the typical filter material for the coarse, medium and medium plate type filter in China. Craft with melt-blown, acupuncture, spunlace, spun-bonded through multi-channel processes such as technology, compared with other same level filter material, with stable quality, Filter Bag capacity of large amount of dust, strong resistance to wet, the advantages of long service life, economic and durable. However, there are also some disadvantages of non-woven fabric, which is that the resistance is too large and is not environmentally friendly (not incinerated or decomposed).

2. Synthetic fiber filters:

Synthetic fiber filter material, Filter Bag the filters in the general environment can fully replace the non-woven fabric and glass fiber covered coarse, Filter Bag medium and high efficiency (G3 ~ H13) whole series of filtration products, is the emerging of filtering material, also is the future main direction of filter material.

3. Glass fiber filter material:

Fiberglass filters are mainly made of various kinds of thick and long glass fiber with special processing technology. Because the glass fiber has high temperature resistance, high efficiency, long service life, environmental protection and other characteristics, and in some special circumstances, also only glass fiber can be competent, so general ventilation systems is widely used in bag filter and the filter.

Iv. Imported cotton fiber:

Imported cotton fiber, is actually a mixture of chemical fiber and cotton fiber of a new type of filtration material, mainly used in the coarse effect and general air conditioning system of filtering, is a kind of fully imported from abroad incoming filter material, has a large resistance, large dust capacity, light weight, Filter Bag stable performance, economic and environmental protection etc., is an ideal alternative non-woven products in the future filtering equipment.

5. Activated carbon filter material:

Activated charcoal refers to coarse. The active carbon used in the medium and high efficiency Filter Bags is mainly used to remove odors, so it is not emphasized on filtration efficiency. In use, Filter Bag it should be used with independent coarse and medium - effect filter.

Vi. Long fiber series:

Chemical fiber, synthetic, glass fiber filter material has the corresponding long fiber varieties, mainly used for special occasions, such as painting workshop in 10 um big particles such as dust filter, large amount of dust, capture rate is high, can be made into filter mat or plate type structure, is easy to shop is replaced, glass fiber and a small amount of chemical fiber varieties resistant to high temperature.

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