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How To Select The Air Filter Correctly?

How to select the Air Filter correctly?

How to select the Air Filter correctly requires the following selection methods.

1. Check air cleanliness (CADR)

Air cleanliness is an important indicator of the quality of an Air Filter. It refers to how many cubic meters of clean air can be exported per hour. When the Air Filter is selected, the higher the clean air index, the higher the purification efficiency of this Air Filter. Of course, the higher the clean value, the better the better. This is mainly based on the actual operating environment of the enterprise. If the air cleanliness is very high, though it indicates that the filtration effect is very good, it does not help the actual work, but increases the cost of the enterprise.

Ii. The number of ventilation

In international standards, the requirement for Air Filters is to make five changes per hour. The test can be used to place a tissue on a windbreak, and it is easy to detect the number of air changes and the amount of air that comes out of the air.

3. Applicable area

That no strict standards, can only say that if the workshop is large, so it is better to choose a power higher Air Filter, so as to guarantee the clean efficiency, maintain the clean room clean. Of course, it may be difficult for some non-professional staff to judge, but know how to choose. It is best to consult the professional before purchasing.

These are some of the things you need to be aware of when choosing an Air Filter. If you want to choose the right Air Filter, you need to judge from the data, so that you don't have an impact on your production.

As air pollution becomes more and more serious, high efficiency Air Filters in junior high schools are becoming more and more common in industry. However, if the installation is not reasonable, it may reduce the filter efficiency of high efficiency Air Filters in junior high school. Here are some considerations for installation:

1, when installing Air Filters, must be in strict accordance with the instructions, the arrow on the casing outside the filter represents the direction of the airflow, when installation, make sure the arrow is consistent with the actual airflow direction, if you need the vertical installation, its internal filter paper crease direction should be vertical to the ground. When installing, should make galvanized mesh surface in the back of the outlet, and the bag Air Filter should make the length of the filter bag perpendicular to the ground.

2. If the Air Filter needs to be installed in the clean room, try not to use the wooden frame to prevent the bacteria from breeding, thus affecting the indoor air quality. It is best to use the filter of metal outer frame, and have good corrosion resistance. In the process of installation, it is important to pay attention to the sealing between the Air Filter and the frame, and must ensure that the filtration of the equipment is strictly and not leaking. If the ambient temperature is high, use the high-temperature Air Filter.

3. Before installing the Air Filter, do not open the packaging bag or the packaging film, so as to avoid damaging the equipment, and store it in the direction indicated on the packing box. In the process of handling, the Air Filter can be damaged by light and light, avoiding the violent vibration and collision. For efficient filters, the direction of the tube must be in the right direction; In addition, corrugated panel filters must be perpendicular to the ground when vertical is installed.

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