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Dust Filter Use And Classification Of Precipitators

Dust Filter Dust catcher use and classification. Dust collector, is the dust from the flue gas separation equipment called dust or dust removal equipment. The performance of the precipitator is expressed by the amount of gas that can be treated, the resistance loss of the gas through the precipitator, and the efficiency of the dust removal. At the same time, the price of the precipitator, the cost of operation and maintenance, the ease of use and the ease of operation and management are also important factors in considering its performance. Dust catcher is a commonly used facility for boiler and industrial production

  A dust cover is provided at each place where the dust is applied, the dust-laden gas is sent to the dust removing device through the pipe gas path, and after the gas-solid separation therein, the dust is collected in the dust removing device, and the clean gas is introduced into the main pipe or Directly discharged into the atmosphere of the whole set of equipment, that is, dust removal system, and dust collector is an important part of the system. From the point of view of ventilation and dust removal, dust is a small particle that can be present in the air for a long time. It is a dispersion system called aerosol, in which the air is a dispersion medium and the solid particles are dispersed. The precipitator is the device that separates this solid small particle from the aerosol

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  Dust Filter According to the principle of the role of dust can be divided into the following:

  1, dry mechanical dust collector, mainly refers to the application of dust inertia, gravity and the design of dust removal equipment, such as sedimentation room, inert dust collector, cyclone dust collector and other high concentrations of dust, etc., mainly for high concentrations of coarse particle size dust Of the separation or concentration and use.

  2, wet dust collector to rely on the hydraulic affinity to separate, dust particles collected dust removal devices, such as the spray tower, scrubber, impact filter, venturi tube, etc., in the production process of high concentration, Of the dust-containing gas used more. The separation efficiency of the coarse, hydrophilic dust is higher than that of the dry mechanical precipitator.

  3, particle layer dust collector with different particle size of the accumulation of granular material for the filter to filter the dust contained in the equipment. Mainly used in building materials, metallurgy and other production processes in the dust discharge point, often high filtration concentration, coarse particles, the temperature of the dust-laden smoke.

  4, bag filter, the filter is a fibrous woven or filled with a filter medium for the dust removal device, his use, form, dust and air flow scale and efficiency of all aspects of a wide range, mainly used in the capture Fine dust of the place, that is, in the exhaust dust removal system applications, but also in the wind system applications. In recent years, due to the continuous development of new filter media, fiber filtration technology development also accelerated, the emergence of new products, applications are increasingly widening.

  5, electrostatic precipitator The dust collector is the dust into the electrostatic field, in Dust Filter the role of high voltage electric field, the gas ionization, resulting in electrons and positive ions, they were positive and negative poles, respectively, when the dust particles in the work through the electric field Negative charge is removed at a constant rate to the settling plate opposite to the charge sign they are charged and settles down there, leaving the airflow and being collected in the electrostatic precipitator. This dust collector has high dust removal efficiency, low resistance, and easy maintenance and management. It is in the collection of small dust particles and bag filter has the same effect

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