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The Dust Bag For Post-processing


Dust bag is known as the heart of the bag filter and  the most critical part of the  dedusting process. Under normal circumstances, the cylindrical dust bag is vertically suspended in the bag filter. The Dust bag fabric and design should try to pursue efficient filtration effect, as well as easy dust stripping and durable effect.

       In the process of dust removal, when the dust particles across through the dust collector, the dust particles will be trapped in the outer surface of the filter bag, and clean gas across through the filter into the filter bag insid.The dust collector is used to support the filter bag to prevent the bag from collapsing, and it also helps to remove and redistribute the dust. For some special conditions of the environment, the dust bag for post-processing is very important. The general rule is divided into the following:


1, burning pressure treatment

       This treatment is mainly used to deal with the surface of the fast-moving fabric by the burning of villi, and then use the high-temperature roller  ironing on the fabric surface , so that the fabric surface is smooth and easy to clean. This does improve the performance of the filter cleaning, but also to meet the collection of fine dust.

2, anti-static treatment

       Some of the dust in the specified concentration state will be prone to  burning when it encounter the spark. So for flammable or explosive dust must be selected by anti-static treatment of needle felt felt filter. Antistatic filter is referred to in the filter fiber into the conductive fiber or fabric woven in the conductive function of the strip of yarn, so that the entire filter are equipped with conductive properties.The static electricity will be through the dust Box and the ground  by the filterbag to prevent electrostatic explosion caused by the explosion.

3, waterproof and oil treatment

       We use the needle felt filter for fluorocarbon resin and PTFE impregnated treatment, the filter bag surface is hydrophobic. Water droplets in the fabric surface to form the lotus leaf can roll the effect, easier to capture dust .Avoid and reduce the phenomenon of paste bags and corroding the  bags  caused by the larger temperture difference.

4, easy to clean treatment

       Usually the mirror treatment, or the surface with fine denier fiber surface acupuncture on the fabric surface, to make the fabric has a high quality cleaning performance and can be  work for a long time  in the higher filter wind speed .

5, PTFE coating treatment

        If the dust particle size is less than 1 micron, or dust has a great adhesion, or when the gas containing a large humidity, the ordinary filter is unable to have good  filtering effect. Polytetrafluoroethylene as the raw material of the film filter, not only the high precision filter, and the surface is smooth, not sticking dust, easy to clean, while the dust will not penetrate into the filter inside.

6, heat setting treatment

        In addition to the post-processing for the dust bag, we also have to do heat setting. The purpose of heat setting is to eliminate the residual stress during the processing of the filter bag, to stabilize the size of the bag and to smooth the surface. If the size of the filter bag is unstable, the filter bag in the course of the use of very easy to deformation, it will increase the filter bag and keel friction,.The bag will be difficult to pull out the keel, will lead to Dust phenomenon occurred in seriously .

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